Flexi-Form High Performance Foam Mattress

The Flexi-form non-turn high-risk mattress features a composition of high specification foam and a top layer of viscoelastic foam with a castellated surface.

This offers enhanced submersion and excellent pressure reduction, whilst also providing optimum patient support. This is a highly durable product.

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Features and Benefits

  • Highest specification foam and Visco foam composition featured in this product allows wide castellation for maximum air flow and enhanced microclimate
  • Minimised shear and friction due to smooth stretchable cover
  • Castellation allows for patient movement and effective surface profiling
  • Non-turn
  • Best use direction clearly printed on cover
  • Extensively tested waterproof covers washable at 95 degrees Celsius
  • High frequency welded seams prevent fluid ingress
  • Zips covered by double-sided full-length flaps
  • Foam and covers replaceable individually

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