Hospital Bed Rental & Medical Mattress for Rent in Ireland

Hospital bed rental is an increasingly popular option for people in need of medical-grade equipment at home. We offer this service along with medical mattress rental hire so that people can enjoy all the features of hospital equipment from the comfort of their own home, with dignity, peace, quiet, and loved ones by their bedstead.

O’Flynn Medical brings you an array of profiling hospital beds available for hire on a short-term basis. As a family-run business, we understand that circumstances can change. And we understand the impact of these changes on the longer term. So, we provide hospital bed hire in Dublin and across the whole of Ireland available for as many weeks or months our customers need.

Browse our range of acute care beds, and low profiling hospital beds for the choice that’s right for you, your friend, or your family member. Whether you’re considering our beds for rehabilitation at home or trying out a product before you buy, you’re bound to find the right product for you right here, at O’Flynn Medical.

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Benefits of Hospital Bed Rental from O’Flynn Medical

At O’Flynn Medical, we understand that our customers have changing requirements. Some only require medical equipment temporarily. Others feel small regular payments are better for their budget. And there are others who feel the option of hospital bed hire Dublin, Cork or elsewhere in Ireland fits with their travel plans. In line with their needs, our mattress & hospital bed hire service comes with:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexible payment
  • Highly knowledgeable staff
  • Servicing and maintenance offer
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Support in achieving care standards
  • Capacity to supply both individuals and care homes

Mattress & Hospital Bed Rental – FAQs

What Is a Hospital Bed or Medical Bed?

A hospital bed is a feature-filled, medical-grade piece of equipment designed for use by people who are confined to bed for long periods of time and those who have restricted mobility. Its design takes the needs of both patient and carer into account, offering comfort, support, and assistance otherwise unavailable to them. It can be used in a hospital setting, as well as in nursing and care homes, residential property, and sometimes even in holiday accommodation

What are Hospital Mattresses?

Hospital mattresses are medical grade equipment for use with a specially designed hospital bed. There are various kinds of hospital mattresses, the most common of which are air mattresses and foam mattresses. The air mattress for pressure sores is designed for patients with limited mobility precisely because they are more vulnerable to pressure sores, bedsores, and pressure ulcers. Both foam and air mattresses ultimately improve mobility and comfort levels.

Do Hospital Beds Need Special Mattresses?

Hospital grade mattresses should always be used with specially designed hospital beds, so that patients can enjoy the full range of features they offer. For patients confined to their bed or with little mobility, these mattresses make a world of difference. Having gone through the trouble of buying or availing of a hospital bed rental service, finding the right mattress to suit it is the next logical step.

What Features Should a Hospital Bed Have?

Any hospital bed hire product must provide high levels of quality and comfort. Medical grade beds, mattresses, and accessories offer peace of mind to patients, carers, and their households. Because patients have different needs, it’s important to access the features and options that would suit them best, be they low profiling design, automated elevation, or budget-friendly prices.

Do You Stock Beds with Sides?

Cot sides prevent falls and injury, and they’re especially useful at night, when carers may not be near. They can be used with elderly patients, children, fidgety sleepers, as well as patients with cognitive impairment. We stock these miscellaneous products in addition to crash mats, fall management systems, knee walkers, and grab rails.

What Is a Bariatric Bed?

Bariatric hospital beds are profiling beds that extend lengthwise and sideways. They provide high levels of comfort, allowing patients to turn and users to manoeuvre them more easily. They are suitable for people of any body shape, with higher weight capacity. They can be used to aid rehabilitation and mobilisation for patients who are bedbound. And they also make caring for the individual easier for nurses and home carers. However, they also tend to be pricier than standard hospital beds, so bariatric hospital bed rental may be preferable to buying.

Where to Rent a Hospital Bed for Use at Home?

Following discharge, the hospital or your health cover may be unable to assist you with a hospital bed for home care. In this case, you can either purchase a medical bed, or opt for hospital bed hire in Dublin and across Ireland. You may be wondering: where can I rent a hospital bed, and you needn’t look any further than O’Flynn Medical. When you avail of a hospital bed rental for home from us, we take care to deliver and install it in your location of choice (i.e. own home, care home, hotel, B&B, friend’s residence, etc.). And we’re happy to provide medical bed rentals for home along with the equipment and accessories you require.

Do You Offer Hospital Bed Rentals for Hotels?

We are happy to accommodate both individuals and establishments that provide accommodation. We have the capacity to deliver to virtually any home, hotel, guesthouse, or B&B in Ireland. We also offer an installation service for this and other type of hospital grade equipment. Simply provide the name of the establishment or the address of the house in question, along with your date of arrival and departure, and leave the rest to us.

Do You Rent Hospital Bed Accessories?

Not only do we stock accessories for your hospital bed, such as mattresses, crash mats, hoists for rental etc., but also a variety of other equipment. From comfort chairs to specially designed bariatric wheelchairs, and bariatric supplies, our product range is vast and comprehensive.

What other Medical Equipment do we Rent?

As for our product range, we offer a wide array of quality hospital bed hire equipment, including electric profiling beds. We are a one-stop-shop for healthcare equipment hire and our package includes:

What are the Different Types of Mattress?

We stock pressure relieving mattress, overlay mattresses, crash mats, rotational mattresses, and ulcer prevention mattresses, and we’re here to advise on the model best suited to your requirements.

How Do Pressure Relieving Mattresses Work?

Pressure relieving mattresses can lower the risk of pressure sores by redistributing pressure across the body and protecting pressure points. When you lie down, some parts bear more of the burden than others, and doing this for extended periods of time can lead to sores. As the name suggests, these can be very painful. An air mattress is designed specifically to take some of the strain off these points, preventing bedsores and enhancing comfort.

Do You Deliver Hospital Mattresses?

Our delivery service is extensive and flexible. We offer a range of options to suit the requirements of your household or establishment. Next working day delivery is available on most products for orders placed by 12 noon. Please note that we are unable to deliver mattresses or beds on bank holidays or weekends.

Do You Provide Hospital Hire Dublin?

We deliver and install our rental hospital beds right around the country from Dublin to Dingle and beyond.


At O’Flynn Medical, we understand that for patients a professional grade bedstead is just as important as a sympathetic bedside manner. Medical mattress & hospital bed rental is an ideal solution for short-term access to vital equipment, so we try our utmost to assist individuals in their rehabilitation at home, on holiday, or wherever else they may be. 

As a family-run business, we understand that a patient’s circumstances can change overnight. And we’re here to lessen the impact that moving home, going on holiday, or changing treatment can have on patients and their carers. So, we make our hospital bed hire in Dublin and across Ireland available for as long as needed, wherever it is needed.

Browse our range of medical beds for the option that’s right for you, your carer, or your family member.  All our products are supplied with full servicing and breakdown cover, giving you comfort, support, assistance, and peace of mind with one easy, straightforward phone call to 0818 440 440. Call today and put your worries away!

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