OSL Automated Scrub / Workwear Dispensing Unit

Space-saving distribution on 1 m2

The CHIPTEX-OSL, in addition to the CHIPTEX-Sizer, is a system for distribution of folded garments. Besides garments, the system is also suited for the distribution of clogs, gloves or other materials. This system requires very little floor surface area, and 1 m2 is enough to store 240 garments. A unit can always be added if extra capacity is needed.


The compartment sizes are adjustable, because different articles can be distributed through the CHIPTEX-OSL.

Ease of use

With a personal badge, each employee can use the user-friendly touch screen to retrieve the right garments from the system. Fast and easily, 24/7. Distribution per garment takes only a few seconds. The system also accepts the return of clothing that has already been worn.



Clean garments can only be obtained once used clothing has been returned

And all of this on just 1m2…


  • Garments available for controlled distribution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Clean garments can only be obtained once used clothing has been returned
  • Easy to use 6” touchscreen
  • Improved forecasting capability with reports available on usage levels and requirements
  • Eradicate the department led requests for additional inventory and top ups
  • Improvements in stock provision and availability which can be quantified, while enhancing infection control policies
  • An understanding of quality measurement points such as throughput times, cycle of use, no sales and / or hygiene
  • And all of this on just 1 square metre


Management information

The CHIPTEX-OSL works with a credit system. This means that users can never have more garments in their possession than what is allowed. This way you can keep the number of garments in circulation to a minimum. In so doing you prevent loss of garments.

The CHIPTEX-OSL offers you well-organised management informa- tion so you can keep full control over the garments and users. The CHIPTEX-OSL can also be connected to other information systems, such as that of the laundry service, for example.


Dust-free storage

One of the many advantages of the CHIPTEX-OSL is that garments, outfits and other objects are stored in a well-sealed, dust-free area. This means that staff are always dressed according to the dress code.


Fast and smart loading

The CHIPTEX-OSL is easily loaded. Items will be loaded into pre-defined empty slots, and the load status will be quickly updated using the touchscreen to either fill all slots or fill some slots.


CHIPTEX product family

The CHIPTEX-OSL utilises the CHIPTEX software platform. Connection with all other CHIPTEX products is therefore possible, with management from one software package.

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