The risk of contracting Coronavirus in a healthcare setting is extremely high. The Sterisafe Pro can disinfect entire healthcare facilities and every piece of equipment within minutes.

With operating theatres and intensive care units working around the clock, disinfecting complex machinery, wheelchairs and patient beds can be challenging.

The Sterisafe Pro can undertake a full-scale decontamination during or after peak times. No other technology can effectively prevent outbreaks, superbugs and diseases so quickly.

Eradicates Covid-19

  • Reduce costs
  • Lower infections
  • Fast disinfection
  • Kills 99.99% Of Viruses
  • Protects Patients and Staff

Reduce Costs With The Sterisafe Pro

Taking a pro-active approach to tackling infections leads to lower expenses overall. The fewer the cases of preventable infections, the less it costs the hospital to treat them.

Renting a Sterisafe Pro machine also dramatically lowers the cost of outsourcing decontamination services. To fully comprehend the cost benefit of Sterisafe Pro, one need only factor in downtime costs and the cost of sending equipment to be cleaned elsewhere.

Lower Infections in Hospitals

The importance of hospitals being able to effectively fight, control and kill infections goes without saying. This is especially true where people are vulnerable like intensive care units. A breakout of disease would have unimaginable consequences.

The Sterisafe Pro is designed to prevent and tackle infections, germs and diseases. It is the best decontamination technology available on the Irish market. The end result is that patients are much safer, allowing them their treatment with minimal risk.

Fast and Thorough Decontamination

It is essential healthcare facilities can be decontaminated quickly as they are in high-demand, particularly with the Coronavirus. Hospitals and G.P’s can all use the Sterisafe Pro to sterilize a room quickly and effectively, and continue to treat patients without long downtimes. Rather than take a theatre room out of circulation for hours or evacuate an entire office building, Sterisafe Pro users can obliterate all pathogens on the spot.

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