electric beds for elderly

Tailor your sleep to your environment, health needs, and personal preferences. It’s easy to do thanks to specially designed electric beds for elderly. Enhance your comfort levels while watching TV, enjoying a good night’s sleep, or lounging about with a good book. If you have back problems, mobility issues, or are unable to ease yourself into a more comfortable position, then a state-of-the-art, adjustable, and well-crafted electric bed with sides is just what the doctor ordered.

Electric Beds for Seniors 

When you get up on the wrong side of bed because of back pain and sore muscles, your entire day is compromised. Even when you’re in the best of company and cared for by the most accommodating healthcare professionals, lingering pain can affect your mood and your wellbeing for hours. With one of our excellent electric beds for elderly, you can put an end to the needless aching and take control of your own comfort. Change your position and posture at the touch of a button, set your bed up just how you like it, and drift off to sleep knowing you’ll wake up feeling refreshed. Have your remote control within easy reach, and shift into the best position for watching TV without having to rely on others. Switch to your favourite reading position as soon as you get your hands on a newspaper, and then back again when you’re ready to rest your eyes. Forget the urge to toss and turn, and feel at ease even as you spend hours in bed. With high quality electric beds for elderly with sides like ours, it’s easy to lose track of time.

Bed Handrails for Elderly Individuals

Not only do our clever profiling hospital beds come in a variety of sizes, but they also feature handy rails and guards. While some models have built-in rails, others are standalone beds with matching or compatible handrails. Whichever you prefer, this practical and affordable accessory may be worth considering, if you value your freedom and privacy, and you don’t want people waiting on you hand and foot. Bed handrails for elderly individuals offer your carers and family members the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re safe in bed at all times.

Cot sides or handrails work to prevent falls and injury. They’re especially useful at night at times when carers may not be near. Not only are they suitable for elderly patients, but they can also come in handy with children and fidgety sleepers. So, when your parent or visiting relative no longer needs the handrail, it can be repurposed. It virtually pays for itself, and that’s why we stock a wide range of bed sides, grab rails, and fall management systems.

One wrong move can cause you to fall and suffer injury, pain, and stress. But specially designed bed handrails for elderly adults can help lay the fear of falling to rest. Simply browse our website for electric beds for elderly with sides, and select a built-in, clip-on, or adjustable model that ticks those boxes. Whether it’s the fully-featured Ooksnow bed, the budget-friendly Woburn ultra low bed, or anything in between, O’Flynn Medical has the right bed for you to purchase or hire. Some of the finest brands in the industry are featured on our catalogue, with models like the versatile Malsh low low bed, which tilts, has a removable front, operates in battery mode, and prevents falls. For help finding the best available bed and handrail deal, please call our courteous O’Flynn Medical consultants at 1890 440 440 today.

Mattresses for Electric Beds 

Once you’ve set your heart on upgrading to state-of-the-art electric beds, don’t overlook the overlay. Specially designed mattresses will relieve pressure for people with less mobility and in need of bed rest. Lying down for extended periods of time makes some parts of the body bear more weight than others, leading to aches and sores. But pressure relieving mattresses redistribute pressure across the body, helping to lower the risk of pressure sores. At O’Flynn Medical, we stock a wide range of mattresses to fit your bedstead and match your tastes. Simply browse our catalogue for air mattresses, foam mattresses, and rotational mattresses that suit your every requirement.

air mattress

Rather than opt for the classic memory foam mattress, why not try one of our hybrid foam and air models? The clever Flexi-Air hybrid mattress features a layer of ventilated foam topped by air cells that automatically displace air to regulate pressure. It’s a lightweight and compact alternative to bulky foam mattresses, perfect for home use and for taking with you when you travel or move home. Another portable non-powered option for people who travel or have changing needs is the versatile SofCare overlay mattress, which can be used by professionals as well as family members effortlessly.

For those in need of a high specification mattress, the Pro-Care dynamic mattress will not disappoint, particularly since it features a heel zone which enables caregivers to comply with PU guidelines. Likewise, the Scan Turn rotational mattress is an extremely practical solution to the problem of poor positioning in rotational therapy, enabling the caregiver to fully program tilt times and degrees as needed. Whether you’re looking for electric or non-powered bedstead overlays, full-featured or user-friendly, portable or robust, budget-friendly or premium-grade, you’ll find them here, at O’Flynn Medical.

Find the right mattresses for your electric beds for elderly with sides right here, and enjoy every minute of your rest and recovery. Our collection includes pressure relieving mattresses, ulcer prevention mattresses, and rotational mattresses specially designed to make lying in bed a dignified affair. Whether it’s for personal use, to accommodate visiting relatives, or an investment into your care home or clinic’s facilities, you’ll find a mattress here to suit your budget, setting and bed type. We’re always on standby for advice and recommendations, and we’re open to rental arrangements for those who have limited use for their beds, mattresses, and accessories. Enjoy our premium electric beds, mattresses, cushions, and hoists as needed, and take comfort in knowing that you and the people you care for are in good care.

The right choice of mattress is just as important as selecting most suitable electric beds for elderly or with reduced mobility. But it’s not just the beds mattress that can make a difference. A variety of bed accessories and add-on products can take the edge off prolonged bed rest.

Accessories for Electric Beds

At O’Flynn Medical, we stock a variety of mobility accessories for use with our range of electric beds for elderly Ireland. But we also supply individuals, caregivers, and care homes with a wide range of equipment to suit a dynamic lifestyle. A must-have for many of our clients is the compact and portable SofCare chair cushion, which redistributes the weight of the patient, supporting them as they sit in a wheelchair, armchair, swing chair, bed, etc. Another very popular support cushion for the mature demographic is the Conform High Risk Air Cushion, designed for extended use. After all, our finely aged clients needn’t dread spending a few hours on the couch with the family on film night.

Another extremely useful piece of kit is the transfer hoist. It makes getting out of bed a doddle, and it gives patients more of their independence back. At O’Flynn Medical, you’ll find hoist and stand aids that match the setting, the room layout, and the needs of the patient without having to make any adjustments. The popular and very compact Roze Stand Assist Hoist, for instance, limits the need for manual handling, providing dignity and independence for older adults who cherish their mobility. We also offer matching slings to make lifting and transferring our elders to and from their electric beds for elderly with sides safe and effortless.

Buying versus Hiring Electric Beds with Sides

Not everyone has the space, the means, or the use for permanent premium-grade hospital equipment in their homes or healthcare establishments. Life circumstances can change for the better or worse. But we believe living conditions should only improve. That’s why we enable our clients to choose between buying and renting their beds, mattresses, and other equipment we offer. Our hospital bed and mattress rental service helps spread the cost of care without foregoing quality.

If you’d like to use your bed and accessories on a trial basis because you’re in two minds about buying particular types of products, we’re open to a rental agreement. Our services extend to individuals, caregivers, and commercial health establishments, and we tailor our service package to the specific needs of each of our clients.

If you have a visiting relative and you’re unsure which type of electric beds would suit them best, then rely on us to make a few recommendations. We specialise in rental services for people who are recovering from a fall or an operation, and who are temporarily in their family’s care.

If you’re not entirely sure for how long you’d be needing your equipment, we’re also ready to help. We have a wide range of products suitable for people with changing needs, including slings, hoists, cushions, mattresses, and electric beds for elderly with sides.

And if you’re in need of more comfortable sleeping arrangements for a few weeks or months, we’re eager to showcase our cutting-edge products crafted with restful sleep in mind. From beds to cushions, our full-featured products enable people who value their sleep to change the position of the bed or shift to the side of the bed with no additional support, feeling safe and at peace in their home or room, with the quiet and dignity they deserve.

O’Flynn Medical brings you a comprehensive range of electric beds for elderly, as well as all the associated equipment necessary to promote people’s sense of dignity, well-being and independence. The rental option is becoming increasingly popular for people who require professional grade equipment for short periods of time only, and we’re happy to be able to provide it for a wide range of products in our catalogue.

Browse our catalogue for electric beds and accessories available to rent and suitable for a seasoned individual with a savvy approach to finances. You’re bound to find the perfect product for you right here. And should you need a bit of assistance pinpointing your ideal product, please feel free to give our helpful consultants at O’Flynn Medical a ring at the following number: 1890 440 440.