Motion Transport Stretcher

Product Code SCUBDMOTION-002


  • Epoxy coated steel tube frame.
  • Two-section platform made of damp-proof and impact-resistant HPL material, resistant to humidity and shock.


  • High-density polyurethane construction, ergonomically designed for optimum comfort
  • Hydraulically operated backrest and height adjustment from 66–97.5 cm.
  • Hydraulic Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions (+/-18º).
  • Foot pedals at either side of the stretcher control height, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg adjustment.

Easy Cleaning

  • Mattress upholstered with antimicrobial, anti-static covering. Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Smooth surfaces and removable panels allow easy, fast cleaning and disinfection.

Ease of Handling

  • Ø 200 mm castors with single-point braking system, controlled by foot pedals on each corner of the stretcher.
  • The fifth wheel improves manoeuvrability and control; allows 360° rotation on its axis.
  • Ergonomically designed folding handles for easier greater control when manoeuvring.


  • X-ray translucent platform 10cm height mattress complies with BS 7176 (Medium Hazard).
  • Integrated side rails help secure patient: their lowest position does not exceed mattress height, making transfers simpler and safer.
  • Buffers located on each corner of the stretcher.
  • ABS base cover protects the stretcher mechanism and facilitates easy cleaning.
  • Conforms to Regulation (EU) 2017/745.

Technical Specifications

Overall Dimensions (2 Sect.) 218 x 82cm

  • Back Section Dimensions (2 sect.) 62 x 71cm
  • Leg Section dimensions (2 sect.) 66 x 116cm
  • Backrest tilting 90°
  • Trendelenburg/Reverse ±18º
  • Weight w/o accessories 100kg
  • Safe Workload 300kg


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