Coronavirus Disinfection For The Food Industry

The Sterisafe Pro kills disease, bacteria and viruses like Covid-19. It is available to buy or hire at O’Flynn medical. Avoid serious infection and major costs. Use the Sterisafe Pro to neutralise the pathogens that have the potential to harm.

With only a tank of water and a power outlet, the Sterisafe Pro can eliminate all contaminants in a sealed room in mere seconds, thanks to innovative FDDC technology. Whether it’s milling, butchering, smoking, canning, sorting, or wrapping, the Sterisafe Pro is the natural, ethical, and sustainable solution.

Food Industry

  • Covid-19 Disinfection
  • Designed for the Food Industry
  • Quality Control
  • Beat Bacteria.

Specifically Designed for the Food Industry

The Sterisafe Pro is specifically designed to counteract the risk of infections and disease in the food processing industry, which is severe. The decontamination process is very quick and easy, allowing food processors to carry on with production with no interruption or closures necessary.

Unfortunately, the reality of a microbiological food safety outbreak is all too real when working with food. The consequences for Irish food processors would be extremely damaging. These could range from having a negative impact on brand reputation to major financial losses. The Sterisafe Pro eliminates these risks.

Sterisafe Pro for Complete Quality Control

Use the Sterisafe Pro to ensure excellent quality control standards, and keep your business firing on all cylinders.

The compact and mobile Sterisafe Pro will sterilize any sealed room within seconds, destroying all pathogens and biofilms from all surfaces and spaces. Using only water and electricity to create an ozone biocide, it purifies the air, sterilizes the surfaces, and leaves machinery ready for use within seconds.

Beat Bacteria with the Sterisafe Pro

Causing severe intoxication and infections, germs like salmonella, listeria, and norovirus are a food manufacturer’s worst nightmare. But thanks to Sterisafe Pro, food manufacturers needn’t lose any more sleep.

Simply buy or hire the Sterisafe Pro mobile unit, wheel it into a sealed room, fill the tank with water, and power it up remotely using the user-friendly interface. It obliterates germs in the air and on equipment within seconds.


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