BabyDam has changed bath time for good! BabyDam has been designed specifically to turn your family bath into your baby’s own, giving them lots of room for fun and enjoyment!

You can save up to 28 litres of water per bath when fitted at the halfway point of a standard sized bath, but it can be positioned to create a smaller or larger area in the bath so even more water and money can be saved.

The BabyDam is the only baby bath that grows with your child, it can be repositioned in the bath as they grow accordingly. It can be used with newborn babies from the outset, with no need to use a traditional baby bath.

BabyDam Dimensions: 65cm x 28cm x 9cm

Available for purchase
Price €49.82 + €12.60 Delivery

Saves Water

With the BabyDam®, you can customize the size of your tub. No need to fill your whole tub to bathe your baby or toddler.

Saves Time

It won’t take as long to fill your tub with the BabyDam ® in place, saving you precious time!

Saves Energy

Because you aren’t using as much hot water you are saving energy each time you use the BabyDam®.

Saves Space

BabyDam ® takes much less space to store than a plastic baby tub and hangs easily on the shower/tub wall, on the back of a door or turn upside down at the back of your tub.


BabyDam® is Eco-Friendly by saving precious water and reducing your energy consumption.

Saves Money

Because you are saving water and energy as well as not having to buy a baby bath tub, BabyDam ® can save you money!

Installation Instructions

Step 1

If your BabyDam® is brand new, take a dry towel and rub the surface of both suction cups to help remove any slick residue on them. Then, wet both suction cups with water.

Step 2

Holding the handles, with the suction cups facing the back of the tub, bend the sides of the BabyDam® toward the faucet & insert squarely into the bathtub at the desired location.  It’s important that it is not crooked in the tub.

Step 3

Push down firmly on the handles to flatten the rubber gasket and create an effective seal.

Step 4

While holding the BabyDam®  down with one hand, press down firmly on each suction platform to ensure the pads are stuck to the bottom of the bathtub.

Step 5

To ensure rubber gasket is forming perfect seal run your finger along the gasket while pressing gently toward the back of the tub.

Step 6

Fill your bathtub to the desired depth, while your baby enjoys their new bathing experience!

Removal Instructions

After bathing baby, always empty water before releasing suction pads.

Release suction pads one by one by pulling each pull tab upwards to break the seal. Without letting go of the pull tab, lift that side of the BabyDam® free from the bottom of the bath with your other hand.

Then, repeat this process to free the other suction pad. Ensure both suction pads are free before removing BabyDam® from your bath. Never use abrasives to clean your BabyDam®


Is the BabyDam® safe for my baby?
Yes!  BabyDam® is made of very high-quality materials that are lead-free, phthalate-free, BPA free, formaldehyde-free and meets or exceeds the EU (EN71) and US(ASTM F963-11) safety standards for toys.  Used properly, BabyDam® will give you years of faithful service!  The BabyDam is not a safety device and you must always remember, never leave your baby unattended in the bathtub, and always keep your baby within arms reach of an adult.
Will the BabyDam® fit my bathtub?
THE BABYDAM® BATHTUB DIVIDER fits all UK/EU straight sided baths with a non-textured bottom.  The internal width of the bath is maximum  550mm to 580mm for the BabyDam to fit (can be less).  You can find this measurement by measuring the width halfway up the inside of the bath. Your BabyDam should only be cleaned with warm water and towel dried after use. Never use acidic or abrasive cleaners of any description as this could be harmful to the product.


Below is an example of the divider in a square tub with no textured bottom and a smooth surface.

Below is a picture that shows a different slip-resistant texture on the bottom of the tub that is also NOT compatible with the BabyDam. The bottom surface of your tub must be completely smooth like your bathroom sink.


If the bathtub is wet, can I still install the BabyDam®?
Yes. You have to wet the suction pads thoroughly to stick to the bath anyway, so moisture will not affect its fitting.

BabyDam Eco-Friendly Bathtub Divider for Babies and Toddlers Helps to Save Water, Save Energy, Save Time and Save Money

I have wet the suction pads but the BabyDam® is not staying in place, does this mean the BabyDam® is faulty?
No, there must be a problem in the fitting.  If the bottom surface of your tub is smooth, then make sure it is clean and free of soap residue. Then wipe the surface of each suction cup with a dry towel, wet the suction cups, install the BabyDam squarely in your tub, not crooked. Be sure to press down firmly so the gasket flattens out, then while holding the BabyDam® in place press firmly down on each suction cup housing. If you are still having problems please click on the video link below.

Watch our instructional video on how to fit the BabyDam® correctly.

BabyDam Eco-Friendly Bathtub Divider for Babies and Toddlers Helps to Save Water, Save Energy, Save Time and Save Money

How do I know how much water to fill the bath with?
With a newborn, it is best to use an infant bath sling along with your BabyDam as shown below.  In this case you would fill the bath so the water level is below the porthole. As your baby grows and can sit up on their own, then fill the bath to about the level of their belly button. Remember, always keep your baby within arms reach and never leave them unattended while in the bathtub.

BabyDam bathtub divider shown with infant sling

As your child continues to grow you can plug the porthole with the provided plug to achieve the desired water depth.

There is also a clear mark on the BabyDam® for the recommended maximum water depth to help you. Once again, never leave your baby unattended in the bath and never leave them in the care of a child while in the bathtub.

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