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    Bariatric supplies can make all the difference to overweight individuals who require healthcare equipment and supplies ranging from bariatric wheelchairs, beds, mattresses and hoists, to such simple things as bariatric raised toilet seats, bariatric shower chairs and bariatric cushions.Here at O’Flynn Medical, we provide the highest quality bariatric supplies and equipment on the market. All of our products are medical standard, meaning that they would be deemed suitable for use in hospitals, and also come at a reasonable price.

    We also have the option of rental for people who don’t require the equipment on a permanent basis such as recuperating from bariatric surgery, holiday stays and short term care facility needs.

    We’ve pulled together some FAQs and have done our best to provide simple answers to the most common questions we are asked regarding bariatric condition and bariatric supplies. If you find that you’d like any further information or have any questions, please feel free to get in touch here!

  • Apex Pro Bario

  • umano medical ook snow all bariatric bed

    Umano Medical ook snow ALL Bariatric Bed

  • Vermeiren INTERVAL XL BED 120cm Bariatric Community Bed

  • Bariatric Wheelchair for sale

    Bariatric Eclipse XXL Wheelchair

  • bariatric cushion o'flynn medical

    Bariatric Foam Cushion

  • Bariatric High Back Chair

  • Bariatric Comfort Chair

    Bariatric Comfort Chair

  • bariatric commode ireland

    Bariatric Commode

  • Bariatric Foam Mattress

    Bariatric Foam Mattress

  • Bariatric Turning Mattress

    Bariatric Turning Mattress

  • Community Bariatric Lo-Lo Bed

    Community Bariatric Lo-Lo Bed

  • Dyna-Form Static Air HZ

    Dyna Form Static Air Non Powered Hybrid

  • Enterprise Overbed Table

  • Pro-Care Auto Bariatric High Specification Pressure Relieving Dynamic Mattress

  • Prism A-320B Bariatric Hoist at O'Flynn Medicals

    Prism A-320B Bariatric Hoist

  • FAQs

    If you have any questions that aren’t on this list, please feel free to get in touch and one of our friendly members of staff will be able to assist you further, offering tailored advice around your individual situation.


    What are Bariatric Supplies?

    Put simply, bariatric supplies are medical grade equipment that are specially designed for larger individuals. Nowadays, increasing numbers of people are experiencing medical conditions that are aggravated by obesity; bariatric equipment and bariatric options can help to better accommodate larger individuals and alleviate the danger or discomfort associated with equipment that may be a little too small.


    What’s Considered Bariatric?

    The World Health Organisation considers any individual with a BMI over 30 to be obese and any individual with a BMI over 40 to be severely obese. So, any individual with a BMI over 30 can be considered bariatric. If you are unsure as to whether you or a loved one is bariatric, you can always reach out to a health professional for further advice.


    Is Bariatric Equipment Only for Use Post-Surgery?

    While bariatric equipment can come in extremely useful for individuals who have undergone bariatric surgery, bariatric surgery isn’t the only reason to invest in it. Bariatric solutions are specifically designed to improve the day to day life of bariatric individuals and can consequently be used regardless of whether someone has recently had surgery or not. Bariatric chairs and beds can form a part of everyday furniture, creating a comfortable space for any larger individual.


    What are Bariatric Chairs?

    Bariatric chairs are chairs that are specifically designed to comfortably and safely support a larger individual while they are in a seated position. 


    What’s a Bariatric Bed?

    A bariatric bed is a bed that is specifically designed to comfortably and safely support a larger individual. It is generally stronger and wider than a standard bed. Bariatric hospital beds needn’t remain in a hospital – hospital beds are suitable for home use too and can be used for extended periods of time in the same way that a standard bed would be used. We also have community bariatric beds, with similar features, that will blend into the home environment. 


    Can You Rent Bariatric Beds?

    We understand that you might not need a bariatric bed on a permanent basis. This is why we rent bariatric hospital beds and bariatric hospital bed mattresses for rental. We offer flexible contracts and will do our utmost to suit your needs and preferences in this area. Rental ensures that you are able to make use of bariatric supplies as and when you need. This service is also ideal for individuals who may be away from home and merely need use of a bariatric bed or extra wide/extra long bed for a number of days until they return home.