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The need for hoist rental regarding a person hoist is not generally found on anyone’s wish list. However, when it is required, due to the sudden incapacity, or the ongoing frailty of a loved one, the equipment is frequently needed rather urgently. O’Flynn Medical is ready to meet your requirements, and to assist you with your hoist rental decision-making, no matter how complicated your particular situation may be.

Depending on the client’s specific hoist rental needs, as well as those of the carer, one type of hoist may be a preferred choice over another. There are numerous options available for a wide range of medical situations. O’Flynn Medical can provide a hoist for both hospitals and for carers looking after an elderly relative at home. These include disabled hoist hire, electric hoist hire, a bed hoist hire or a mobile hoist hire.

We understand that you may need to implement solutions in a hurry, and while having to suddenly cope with myriad details, and, frequently, with the emotional difficulties of the situation, this may not be easy.

We are here to help. Take a look at our wide range of hoist hire options below, discuss your requirements with us, and let us find the correct solution for you.

Benefits of hoist rental with O’Flynn Medical

O’Flynn Medical is a family concern, and as such, we choose our rental equipment as if we were selecting it for our own family members. We also pride ourselves on our technical expertise and well-grounded background in the installation, maintenance, and repair of medical-grade equipment. We are equipped to guide you, based on your particular needs. In addition, you will benefit from:


  • Ireland-wide service: We’ll come to you, whether you live in Dublin, Cork, or anywhere else in Ireland.
  • In-home service: We’ll study your home environment, and personally assist you accordingly.
  • Servicing of care facilities: We also rent medical-grade equipment to facilities, such as nursing homes and rehabilitation centres that are engaged in care-taking.
  • Flexible financial plans: We can work out a payment plan that works for you, no matter how short or long the rental period may be.
  • Repair and maintenance expertise: With 20 years of experience, our engineers and installers are professionals. Repairs can be performed in your home, or we’ll provide you with a replacement.
  • Ongoing training: The technology driving medical-grade equipment is continuously making strides in development. Our engineers keep up with technological advances, and upgrade their levels of certification, as required.

Other equipment for hire

If you are considering a patient hoist rental, it’s possible that there are other hospital-grade items that you may wish to rent. You can also hire wheelchairs, beds, mattresses, bariatric supplies, and more, from O’Flynn Medical.


Wheelchair Rental

Wheelchairs need to be both safe and comfortable for both the client and the carer. A compact, foldable chair is ideal for transfers. Fully featured chairs are self-propelling, ergonomically designed, easily manoeuvrable, and include wall-protectors. The height, width, armrests, and head rest of some models can be easily adjusted. Extras, such as, leg padding, tables, and safety belts, are available.


Hospital Bed Rental

O’Flynn Medical provides hospital-calibre beds for private homes or nursing homes. Profiling beds suit clients who, after a stay in hospital, need to continue their recovery at home with various requirements that can range between minimal attention to acute levels of care. Our alternating air mattresses are built from superior materials, and are designed for the prevention of pressure sores, and to provide the highest level of comfort to clients with mobility limitations.


Breast Pump Rental

A lactating mother may need to temporarily rent a breast pump. O’Flynn Medical is pleased to offer a delivery and pick-up service for breast pump rentals, which are available in either single-sided or double-sided versions.

Including a person hoist rental in your holiday plans

If you are wondering how you can cope without your hoist on holiday, your worries are over. There is no need to transport your person hoist to your holiday location. O’Flynn Medical can bring a hoist rental to your hotel! Person hoist hire can make the difference between a holiday away from home, or not. We work together with the proprietors of hotels and holiday homes, for the delivery and installation (if necessary) of your hoist, wheelchair, bed, or mattress. Simply provide us with your holiday dates, as well as the name of your hotel.

For more information and advice about our holiday equipment rentals, take a look at our informative guide, which also includes a list of accessible attractions in Ireland.

Choosing a person hoist from O’Flynn Medical

The many styles, options, and features of person hoists can make the hoist hire selection process quite daunting. However, our knowledgeable staff members are happy to explain the benefits of each type of hoist to you. All our hoists are kept to the highest standards. The following is a short list of some of the hoists that are available from O’Flynn Medical.


Transfer hoists

Transfer hoists are employed to enable tasks that the client would not otherwise be able to perform. These include transfers to a bed, chair, or wheelchair, as well as transfers to a bathroom. These hoists are particularly suitable for clients whose weight-bearing capabilities are, for the most part, absent. The hoist raises the client from a bed or chair, and then completes the actual transfer.

  • Birdie hoists: Birdie hoists from Invacare have an excellent reputation for enabling the successful and comfortable transfer of clients. The long boom adds to the comfort of the client, and makes room for an ergonomic infrastructure that assists the carer. Birdie person hoists are foldable, making them ideal for transporting while travelling. There is even a compact version, which allows a maximum client weight of 150 Kg, slightly less that the maximum of 180 Kg allowed in the standard Birdie.
  • Jasmine hoists: The wide base of the Invacare Jasmine hoist provides plenty of room for larger chairs, making it very easy for a carer to transport a client. This hoist also features a “soft” start and stop mechanism that delivers a gentle movement, without jolting the client.
  • Novacare hoists: The Novacare ProLift A 333 has been designed for bariatric patients. It has a hoisting capacity of 333 Kg.


Person hoists with standing aids

Clients who have retained some of their weight-bearing capabilities, or who are working on regaining their abilities, will benefit from a standing assist hoist hire, such as the Invacare Roze. The Roze can accommodate a client who is rehabilitating, or conversely, slowly losing independence. On more difficult days, the hoist fully supports the client’s weight on a removable foot plate. When the client starts to regain abilities and confidence, the Roze can assist him into a standing position, and train him to eventually bear his own weight.


Hoists with slings

Slings are used with both transfer hoists and standing assistance hoists. The many different types of Invacare slings are available in five different sizes, and in a variety of fabrics. Made for both security and comfort, you can choose the sling that most suits your hoist hire requirements. Depending on the individual disabilities of the client, you can rent slings that support the whole body, including the head, or avail yourself of slings for clients that may not need head support, but do require support for shoulders or for legs. Toileting and dress slings are also available.

Decisions, decisions

There is a lot to think about when deciding on the correct person hoist hire, because each client has different requirements. Fortunately, this is not a decision you have to make on your own. At O’Flynn Medical, we understand the difficulties involved in facing lifestyle changes, and are here to help. Whether you require a mobile hoist rental or a bed hoist rental, we provide first-rate technical support, and bring many years of experience to this field. O’Flynn Medical is in a position to offer advice and answer any questions you may have about person hoist hires.

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