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    Whether you’re operating a nursing home, a hospital, or caring for a loved family member in a private property, a hospital bed is an essential piece of equipment. Coupled with a medical air mattress, a profiling hospital bed can reduce the danger of falls, help the discomfort of pressure ulcers that can be an issue in long-term care environments, and maximise comfort. 

    Explore our full range below and you will discover advanced features as well as innovative designs on all our profiling hospital beds, guaranteed to provide the ultimate level of support and complete comfort, ideal for carers and patients alike. Getting an adjustable hospital bed for the home setting is a big decision so why not first try our hospital bed rental service to see if it suits your needs. 

    Please also see the most frequently asked questions below regarding our hospital beds. If you would like to speak to an experienced advisor please be sure to contact us today. We are here to help.

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    Ook Snow All – “The Cuddle Bed”

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    Progress Smart Bed System

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  • FAQs


    What Is A Medical Bed Or Hospital Bed? 

    A hospital bed is designed for patients who may have been hospitalised or simply need to remain in bed for long periods. They can be used in both a hospital environment and a private property such as a home, depending on the needs of the patient. As well as providing additional comfort for the patient necessary for long term care, these beds come with a range of features that provide support and assistance to the carer as well. For instance, carers can select an automatic hospital bed that can be lowered and raised electronically. A hospital bed may also be mobile to ensure the easy transportation of patients. 


    Is A Hospital Bed The Same Size As A Single Bed?

    A typical hospital bed will usually be around 80 inches in length. This is slightly longer than a twin bed which will usually be around 75 inches in length. The extra space here is to ensure that hospital beds are suitable for taller patients and provide additional levels of comfort. However, a hospital bed will usually not be as wide as a twin bed. While a twin bed will typically be 39 inches wide a hospital bed may only be 30. This is usually to ensure that these beds can offer a greater level of floor space so a hoist or wheelchair can be positioned beside the bed to greatly help with transferring from one to the other. 

    Despite this, there are variations on the hospital bed. For instance, there are extra long hospital beds that, despite the name, provide a greater length of approximately 36 inches. An adjustable hospital bed can also be purchased in 47″ width.


     What Is The Best Hospital Bed For Home Use?

    When purchasing or renting a hospital bed for use in your home, you need to make sure you choose a product that does provide a high standard of quality and comfort. Every hospital bed we stock is medical grade, medical standard equipment and priced to provide fantastic value to every customer. This ensures peace of mind for carers looking after loved ones and elderly family members in the home environment. It also delivers access to true medical grade equipment at budget friendly pricing, which can be delivered direct to your door. The electric beds we supply for home use have a nice timber appearance which will suit your home environment.

    No two patients are the same and that’s why it’s crucial to access the full range of features and options. From beds that rise automatically and provide support for the carer to low profiling which reduces the impact of injury from falls, our products match this need. An electronic bed will ensure that caring for your loved one is easier and guarantees the additional level of comfort and support they need for long periods in bed. 


    Do We Stock Beds For Elderly With Sides?

    If you purchase a hospital bed from us, you can get a product that provides cot sides. Sides are crucial to prevent the risk of falls, particularly in the night when a carer may not be close by. Sides are also necessary for patients who are suffering from cognitive impairment. It helps a patient who could put themselves in danger if they attempt to leave the bed without proper supervision. 

    Our beds also provide a range of other beneficial features as well. With low hospital bed profiling, it will be easier for elderly patients to stand up or be lowered into the bed. Low profiling also ensures that if there is a fall it is from a smaller height, greatly reducing the chance of a significant injury. If you’d prefer not to use cot sites, our Ultra low bed lowers to ground level, reducing the falls risk even further.

    We also offer hospital beds with an ulcer prevention pressure relieving mattress. Patients who have a low level of mobility will be in bed for longer periods. This does put them at greater risk of developing ulcers or sores. With an ulcer prevention pressure relieving mattress, bed pressure can be significantly reduced to help existing ulcers heal and prevent more from forming. We stock a range of foam mattresses and medical air mattresses


    What is a Bariatric Hospital Bed? 

    A bariatric hospital bed is a fully powered profiling bed that will extend in both length and width. As well as providing a high level of comfort, it can aid the user in turning or allow carers to turn the person themselves with less difficulty. It provides a higher level of access for nurses as well as those caring for an elderly family member at home. It can accommodate a range of different body shapes and has a higher weight capacity. Ultimately, this bed will provide as much benefit for the carer as it does for the patient with overreaching greatly reduced. The features of the bed can be used to support mobilisation and rehabilitation even if the person is unable to leave their hospital bed. We also rent our beds to those who need a bed for a short period at home, care facility or holiday accommodation.


    Do We Rent Hospital Beds? 

    It is possible to rent a hospital bed for your private residence. This is suitable for customers who may be looking into how to get a hospital bed at home. If you are caring for an elderly family member for a short period or you are expecting a recovery within a few weeks, this may be more ideal than purchasing a new hospital bed. Renting may also be the best option for a hospital dealing with a temporary, sudden influx of patients. 

    We also rent for use at a holiday accommodation. We can deliver and install to hotels, B&B’s, guesthouses, a friend’s residents etc. We rent for our entire range of mattresses, hoists and wheelchairs.