Medical Air Mattress in Ireland

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    We have a vast range of medical air mattresses (air beds) available for hospitals, nursing homes, and domestic clients looking for high-quality, affordable hospital grade mattresses. Our carefully selected alternating air mattresses are designed to both cure and prevent bedsores, pressure sores, and to promote comfort, mobility, and well-being. Pressure relieving air mattresses are the optimum solution for people who spend long periods of time in bed, and they feature cutting-edge technologies and features to reduce pressure ulcers, and ensure that the client is as comfortable as possible. Our premium air mattresses for elderly people and patients with chronic conditions that restrict mobility and movement provide unrivalled support. In addition to an array of high risk air mattresses, we also stock the best hospital standard foam mattresses and profiling hospital beds

    At O’Flynn Medical, we understand the importance of choosing the right mattress, and our friendly team is on hand to answer questions, provide tailored recommendations and tell you more about our fantastic range of pressure-relieving mattresses. We’re a family run business with a large team that serve our customers throughout Ireland.

    Take a look at our range and the FAQ section below. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert team will be happy to answer any further questions you may have. 

  • Domus 4 Pressure Relieving Mattress

  • Domus 3.5 (Pressure Relieving Mattress/Overlay)

  • Domus Auto Plus Fully Automatic Pressure Relieving Mattress

  • Dyna-Form Static Air HZ

  • Pro-Care Auto High Specification Pressure Relieving Dynamic Mattress

  • Pro-Care Optima Prone – ICU Mattress

  • Pro-care Turn

  • Serene True Low Air Loss Pressure Reducing Mattress

  • APEX Verso Alternating Pressure Redistribution System

  • dyna form mercury safety 7 air mattress

    Dyna-Form® Mercury Safety 7 Mattress

  • Scan Turn Rotational Mattress

  • DYNA-FORM Community Mattress

  • FAQs


    Do air mattresses prevent bedsores?

    Yes, air mattresses are used routinely by hospital and care settings to assist patients who are at risk of developing pressure ulcers and bedsores from sustaining pressure sores. These medical mattresses are designed to shift pressure points, improve mobility and facilitate rest and relaxation.


    What are hospital mattresses made from?

    There are various different types of hospital mattress. The most common kinds are air mattresses and foam mattresses. An air mattress is often recommended for those who are at high risk of pressure sores due to limited mobility. Foam mattresses can also help to reduce the risk of bedsores by alleviating pressure on the parts of the body that are most vulnerable. 


    What are pressure-relieving mattresses?

    Pressure relieving mattresses are used to lower the risk of pressure sores by redistributing pressure to protect pressure points. When you lie down for long periods of time, certain parts of the body bear the brunt, and this can cause sores to develop. By taking the strain off these points with an air mattress for pressure sores, comfort is enhanced and bedsores can be prevented. 


    How does a rotational air mattress work?

    A rotational air mattress provides very high levels of protection against pressure sores. This type of hospital bed offers lateral rotation, relieving pressure from known points and providing customisation settings to suit the individual. 


    Does a hospital bed need a special mattress?

    Hospital grade mattresses can provide a wealth of benefits for patients who are confined to their bed or forced to spend extended periods of time in bed due to immobility. The majority of hospital beds are fitted with specialist mattresses


    What is your guarantee and return policy?

    At O’Flynn Medical, we pride ourselves on offering customers the highest quality products, and we have a transparent returns policy. We provide rentals based on weekly rental periods. If a product is returned late, we will assume that the rental period has been extended, and additional charges will apply. We cover the cost of any repairs that are required once they are non-malicious, and we charge competitive rates. 


    Do we deliver air and foam mattresses?

    Yes, we provide an extensive delivery service, with a range of options on offer. We can provide next working day delivery on most products (orders should be placed before 12pm) and delivery charges will be calculated at the time of booking. We do not deliver mattresses at the weekends or on bank holidays. 


    Do we rent air mattresses?

    Yes, at O’Flynn Medical, we recognise that our customers don’t always require air mattresses for a long period of time, and we offer short-term rental options for a medical bed mattress, in addition to a wide range of other medical equipment, including hoists, reclining chairs, electric profiling and automatic beds, and bariatric hospital beds. We issue rental charges based on a weekly fee, and we will provide you a quote based on your individual needs. All rental products are available only in the Republic of Ireland. 

    If you’re looking for an air mattress or a mattress topper, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today. We are a friendly, family-run business, which specialises in offering a personalised service and providing the finest-quality, hospital grade equipment at affordable prices. If you have any questions, or you’d like advice about our range of hospital beds and medical mattresses, our dedicated team will be happy to help.