Umano Medical ook snow ALL Bariatric Bed

A bed that suits bariatric, med-surg and palliative care settings

The bed also allows institutions to standardize throughout their units, reducing cost of ownership, storage space and equipment handling needs. With the ook snow ALL, admitting a patient becomes easier. Through this single platform, institutions can satisfy the needs of bariatric, Medical-surgical and palliative care settings. Its unequalled versatility serves very simple goals: to simplify caregivers’ lives and to offer patients more space and comfort. The ook snow ALL bariatric bed achieves this by combining the right capabilities with incomparable ease of use.


Maximize patient safety and save staff time

The combination of width adjustment, gap management and low height in order to maximize patient safety and increase staff efficiency. Its INFINITETM Technology allows custom positioning within minimum and maximum width. Gaps between the headboard and siderails always remain compliant with the latest 60601-2-52 IEC standard. This one-step width expansion facilitates the fit to patient needs and saves staff time. The width monitoring system can also ensure the bed maintains a dictated width that suits the patient

Features and Benefits

  • 11” Low Height maintains under-bed access for lifts and over bed tables while reducing the adverse effects of a fall and facilitating patient mobility
  • USB Power Outlets allowing for mobile device charging
  • Fall Risk Management ensuring the right combination of low height, Smart Bed Exit Technology, and ergonomic side rail design
  • User-Friendly Cleaning Architecture providing seamless smooth surfaces of an open bed architecture ease infection control
  • Boostless™ backrest system prevents the patient from sliding down during bed activation and minimises patient repositioning
  • Superior weight capacity of 481kg contributes to the equipment’s versatility in meeting patient needs
  • Powered width expansion allows for the bed width to expand to accommodate mattresses
    from 35” to 48”

Technical Specifications

Overall length (80″ deck length) 90″ / 228.6cm

Overall length (84″ deck length) 94″ / 239cm

Extended length adds 4″ / 10.1cm

Overall width

  • Siderails down – 35″ surface 39.75″ / 101cm
  • Siderails up – 35″ surface 41.5″ / 105.4cm
  • Siderails down – 47″ surface 51.5″ / 130.8cm
  • Siderails up – 47″ surface 52.75″ / 134cm

Safe Working Load 1060lb / 481kg

Height range (to litter top)

  • Low (with 5″ / 12.7 cm dual casters) 11″ / 27.94cm
  • High (with 5″ / 12.7 cm dual casters) 30″ / 76.2cm
  • Low (with 6″ / 15.24 cm dual casters) 12.7″ / 32.3cm
  • High (with 6″ / 15.24 cm dual casters) 31.7″ / 80.5cm

Patient surface positioning

  • Backrest 0° to 60°
  • Knee gatch 0° to 30°
  • Trend. / Reverse Trend. ± 16°
  • BoostlessTM 5″ / 12.7cm

Patient surface dimensions

  • Width 35II to 47″ / 89cm to 119.4cm
  • Length 80″ or 84″ / 203cm or 213cm
  • Extended Length Adds 4″ / 10.1cm