Medical Equipment Rental

Medical Equipment Rental

At O’Flynn Medical, we are market leaders in medical equipment rental. We work with the medical profession as well as commercial and private customers. We passionately believe everyone should be able to get the highest quality care.

We offer competitive pricing, by utilising medical equipment rental, you can reduce costs by only paying for the equipment you need when you need it. Of course, there are times when purchasing the equipment outright is the most sensible course of action. In those cases, renting the equipment first allows you to essentially “try before you buy”, ensuring you get the best equipment for your needs when you purchase.


Sterilised To The Highest Standards


Our equipment is meticulously maintained, sterilised to the highest standards and competitively priced for flexible terms. We cater to a full spectrum of medical equipment needs, from hospitals and nursing homes to hotels and private households. We have a minimum one week rental period —you will be in control of the duration of your equipment rental, and the cost of repairs is included. Our equipment is decontaminated and tested before any lease, ensuring you will never be disappointed with the quality of your medical equipment rentals.

Avoid the prohibitive costs involved in purchasing medical gear while still benefiting from the unparalleled quality of high-end, medical profession-grade equipment. Or, if you intend to purchase medical equipment, you can test it before making that commitment by renting it from O’Flynn Medical.

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Medical Equipment Rental for Hospitals

No budget is limitless, and there is never enough money or space to have all the equipment you might want on hand for the times when it is needed. Being able to provide your patients with high-quality equipment without having to invest huge portions of your budget is just one advantage to medical equipment rental for hospitals. Equipment rental also provides hospitals with a way to increase bed capacity temporarily and at short notice.

Medical Equipment Rental for Nursing Homes

O’Flynn Medical proudly supplies nursing homes in Ireland with medical equipment. From commodes and shower chairs to profiling hospital beds and air mattresses. Whether the equipment is being rented as a pre-purchase trial, a temporary measure, or an emergency replacement for broken equipment, we are here to help. Nursing home residents are particularly vulnerable, so it’s right that the highest quality medical equipment is used in treating them.

Medical Equipment Rental for Households

There are several reasons why receiving treatment at home might be preferable to a hospital stay. In cases where you are rehabilitating after an injury, or recovering from an operation, you may want to spend that time in comfortable surroundings. Renting medical equipment is also a great option for those caring for elderly relatives or spouses. Typically, the kinds of equipment rented in this area include wheelchairs, hoists, and breast pumps.

Medical Equipment Rental for Hotels

Renting medical equipment gives hotels a way of providing for any medical concerns a guest might have. At the same time, it removes the need to invest large sums of money in the relevant equipment. Hospital beds and hoists are the most common type of medical equipment rented to hotels and similar businesses. Whatever the medical equipment needed, O’Flynn Medical can help.

Decontamination of Rental Equipment

All of our medical equipment rentals are decontaminated to the highest standards before leasing. Using a Red Room/Green Room barrier system, our equipment is decontaminated at our facility in Macroom. Our equipment then goes on to testing to ensure it is fully functional and able to carry out the task it was designed for. Finally, the equipment is packed up, ready for sending out to our clients. We provide decontamination as a service on its own, so our decontamination systems are of the highest standard in order to meet the needs of our clients. Our rental equipment receives the same high standards before it is leased out, so you can be sure the equipment you are renting is safe to use.


Room decontamination, while always important in the medical profession, has become increasingly important in the private sector and domestic settings. Particularly in the light of the coronavirus crisis. O’Flynn Medical is pleased to offer the Sterisafe whole-room decontamination system for rental. The Sterisafe system can easily and relatively quickly decontaminate an entire room automatically. It is easy to use, quick to operate and requires nothing more than water to perform its operations. It also boasts the ability to kill up to 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria.

Get in Touch

At O’Flynn Medical, we aim to meet the demands of the ever-changing healthcare industry. We are always happy to talk to clients, new and old. If you need to rent medical equipment, contact us via phone or email. We can advise on the equipment best suited to meet your needs as our staff are highly trained to provide the highest level of service and will be glad to answer any questions you have. 

For some friendly advice contact us now.

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We are proud to have been the winner of numerous awards for our commitment to providing an excellent caring service for our valued clients.

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