Whole room disinfection system for treatment of surfaces and air.


Protect your business from the Coronavirus. The Sterisafe Pro is a cutting-edge mobile disinfection system capable of sterilising both surface and air. Quick and simple full-depth decontamination for Irish businesses is now available in this time of uncertainty. It is available for sale and for hire, giving Irish businesses the tools to fight multi-resistant bugs in any setting – Healthcare, Education, Food Production, Office Blocks and more.

We know all too well the importance of full-scale decontamination and disinfection. As we wake up to the dangers of virus outbreaks across the world, effective and efficient decontamination is essential. Feel free to get in touch today for expert advice.

Renting a Sterisafe Pro machine also dramatically lowers the cost of outsourcing decontamination services. To fully comprehend the cost benefit of Sterisafe Pro, one need only factor in downtime costs and the cost of sending equipment to be cleaned elsewhere.


  • Free of Chemicals
  • Nanoparticles Removed
  • Cost-Effective
  • Safe to Use
  • Simple to Operate

The Sterisafe Pro Provides Superior Decontamination

It's 100% natural

The Sterisafe Pro generates ozone from oxygen. Mirroring our planet’s own self-cleaning mechanism.


It's Universal

The Sterisafe Pro can decontaminate every theatre room, office, ward, reception area, or isolation room within seconds.


It's cost-efficient

The Sterisafe Pro runs on water and electricity. It requires minimal prep work and no follow-up action.


Kills All Germs

No infections survive. The decontamination is completely effective and none of the germs resurface to reinfect the premises.


It's user-friendly

Anyone can use the Sterisafe Pro. At O’Flynn Medical, we are happy to help guide you through the decontamination process.


It's mobile

Thanks to its clever design, the Sterisafe Pro is suitable for use in a range of industries- from a construction site to a creche.



Perfect For Killing Infection In Hospitals


Suitable For Use In Any Irish Industry

Food Industry

Highest Standards of Hygiene and Cleanliness

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