Orthopaedic Chairs

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    Orthopaedic chairs in Ireland promote healthy posture and provide comfort and pain relief for the elderly, individuals suffering from impaired mobility, or individuals recovering from surgery. There are many benefits that a good quality orthopaedic chair can provide, such as improved posture, pain relief, minimised discomfort, improved blood circulation, and comfort. They achieve this by providing individuals with maximum support for the spinal column and joints and are therefore suitable for individuals suffering from back pain, osteoarthritis, or when recovering from surgery. 

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  • High Back Chair

  • Different Types of Orthopaedic Chairs

    There are many kinds of orthopaedic chairs in Ireland that can be purchased. Some examples include high-back chairs, ergonomic chairs, recliners, tilting chairs, and many other types of hoists. Every individual orthopaedic chair is designed to fulfil one or more of the above benefits, so it is important to shop for the correct chair to meet your specific needs.


    Choosing the Right Orthopaedic Chair in Ireland

    Shopping for an orthopaedic chair requires plenty of research and planning, since no one chair is suitable for all needs and preferences. Consider factors such as your desired level of support (e.g. lumbar, neck), mobility requirements or constraints, whether you require armrests or leg support, materials, and the size and weight limit of each individual chair.


    Why You Should Buy Orthopaedic Chairs from O’Flynn Medical?

    O’Flynn Medical proudly supplies healthcare clinics, hospitals, and private individuals across Ireland with high-quality orthopaedic chairs and other medical equipment designed to offer safety and value. Our orthopaedic chairs provide comfort, safety, support, and durability. Moreover, our orthopaedic chairs can improve mobility whilst reducing discomfort and pain. At O’Flynn Medical we offer reliable & cost-effective delivery across Ireland. For further details, please contact our expert team.


    Other Related Products Offered by O’Flynn Medical

    O’Flynn Medical offers a wide range of orthopaedic chairs as well as other Commodes & Shower Chairs such as raised toilet seats designed to provide superb safety, comfort, and stability for the elderly or individuals with impaired mobility. Browse through our various orthopaedic chairs for sale in Ireland, including riser and recliner chairs, high-back chairs, and ergonomic chairs with armrests, leg support, and more.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Orthopaedic Chairs


    Are orthopaedic chairs worth it?

    Yes. Orthopaedic chairs can provide many important benefits for elderly individuals or for those with impaired mobility, such as reduction of back pain and arthritis, improved blood circulation, better posture, and less discomfort whilst sitting.


    What kind of chair is best for your back?

    The best chair for your back is one that provides adequate support for your spine and joints. Orthopaedic chairs are the best chairs for most individuals with impaired mobility since they provide optimal support whilst improving posture and circulation and reducing pain and discomfort.


    Where can I find the best orthopaedic chair in Ireland?

    The best place to find high-quality orthopaedic chairs in Ireland is at O’Flynn Medical. Our superb range of products are designed for safety, functionality, and comfort, and our orthopaedic chairs deliver quality and value. Browse our various orthopaedic chair categories and choose a chair that meets your needs.


    Are recliner chairs good or bad for your back?

    It depends. Some recliner chairs can be bad for your back and can exacerbate back pain, whilst others such as orthopaedic chairs can reduce back pain. To reduce back pain and to improve comfort, shop for orthopaedic chairs in Ireland at O’Flynn Medical.


    Which is the best orthopaedic chair for the elderly?

    The best orthopaedic chair for the elderly is one that meets the exact needs of the individual, but most orthopaedic chairs from O’Flynn Medical tend to be perfectly suitable for elderly individuals. Consider your needs for a chair that facilitates mobility, offers support, and is a suitable height and is comfortable enough for your needs.