Ook Snow All – “The Cuddle Bed”

The only bed on the market certified for two people.

The Ook Snow ALL bed has been affectionately re named ‘The Cuddle bed’ by a lot of our customers. This hospital bed has the same footprint as a standard Ward Bed, but at the touch of a button, it can widen to a double bed. Hospices are finding it a fantastic bed for delivering Palliative care. The ability to be able to get into the same bed as your loved one, and have a cuddle or offer comfort at the most tender of times is proving to be incredibly beneficial. The bed is fully certified for two people, giving patients and carers peace of mind that not only is it helping to provide care, it is doing it safely.

Features & Benefits

  • The only bed on the market certified for two people. Getting close to your loved ones in a palliative care setting has not always been possible. The Ook Snow All, also known as the “cuddle bed”, is the only bed on the market certified to be used by two people. This way, patients can now find solace near their loved ones in their last moments.
  • 11” Low Height maintains under-bed access for lifts and over bed tables while reducing the adverse effects of a fall and facilitating patient mobility.
  • Fall Risk Management ensuring the right combination of low height, Smart Bed Exit Technology, and
  • Ergonomic side rail design.
  • User-Friendly Cleaning Architecture providing seamless smooth surfaces of an open bed architecture ease infection control

Technical Specifications



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