Progress Smart Bed System

Empower patients and caregivers with in-bed therapies to help get your most critical patients better sooner.

Let the Progressa ICU Smart+ bed help you make earlier mobility a priority in daily care to:


  • Help Patients Breathe Easier
  • Protect Patients’ Skin
  • Get Patients Up and Moving Sooner

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Benefits & Features

Standard features to help optimise patient safety and improve caregiver satisfaction.

  • SlideGuard™ Frame Technology
  • Patient Controls Backlighting
  • FlexAfoot™ Retractable Foot Control
  • Advanced MicroClimate® Technology
  • 30°/45° Head of Bed Alarm
  • In-Bed Scale
  • Line Managers
  • Three Mode Bed Exit Alarm
  • Caregiver Pendant
  • Caregiver Foot Controls
  • Night Light
  • Integrated Oxygen Tank Holder
  • Accessory Outlet
  • Hands Free Emergency CPR & Trendelenburg
  • NaviCare Ready – Local Alarm On/Off
  • Point of Care™ Siderails Control
  • Both Siderails with Point-of-Care Touch Screen
  • Smart Bed Ready (Sidecom Required)
  • Obstacle Detect™ System at Both Sides of the Bed
  • Drainage Bag Holders
  • Four IV Sockets


Optional features to support Therapy-Focused Technologies.

  • Prevention Surface
  • Therapy Surface
  • Pulmonary Surface
  • Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy (CLRT)
  • Percussion & Vibration Therapy (P&V)
  • 5th Wheel Steering
  • IntelliDrive® Powered Transport Steering
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Permanent IV Pole
  • Full Chair Egress
  • StayInPlace™ Patient Migration Management System

Technical Specifications





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