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    Bariatric beds provide safety and comfort for individuals who may require support when sleeping or for individuals with excessive body weight. Commonly found in hospitals, bariatric beds are sometimes used in care homes and private homes to add comfort, safety, and to reduce the chances of falling off the bed or causing injury when sleeping. There are many benefits that a quality bariatric bed can provide, such as supporting the body weight of obese patients, reducing the chances of falling off the bed or injuring oneself whilst sleeping, and providing patients with various possible sleeping positions when the bed has adjustable components. Bariatric beds can relieve pressure, improve circulation, and promote better posture. Buy bariatric beds from O’Flynn Medical and get quality products at affordable prices.

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    Community Bariatric Lo-Lo Bed

  • Types of Bariatric Bed

    There are many different types of bariatric beds in Ireland, including electric beds, manually operated beds, community bariatric beds, as well as bariatric bed mattresses. Some beds are highly adjustable, others are better for pressure relief. Some can support weights up to around 450kg, others are designed strictly for hospital use.


    Choosing the Right Bariatric Bed in Ireland

    There are many things to consider when choosing a bariatric bed in Ireland. First and foremost, consider the needs of your patient. Next, consider spacing requirements within the room where you will place the bed, as well as the specific details such as size, weight capacity, mobility requirements, adjustability, whether side rails are needed, and the type of bariatric bed mattress that you intend to use.


    Why Buy Bariatric Beds from O’Flynn Medical?

    O’Flynn Medical is a leading supplier of bariatric equipment in Ireland, including high-quality bariatric beds for hire and for sale. Our bariatric beds are suitable for hospitals, nursing homes, as well as private homes. They can also be useful for elderly or mobility-impaired individuals on holidays as they can be hired and delivered within Ireland from O’Flynn Medical. Consult with our friendly team today for assistance on bariatric bed and mattress products and services. At O’Flynn Medical we also offer reliable & cost-effective nationwide delivery across Ireland.


    Other Bariatric Equipment Offered by O’Flynn Medical

    In addition to our high-quality bariatric beds and bariatric bed mattresses, we also carry a wide selection bariatric equipment such as bariatric chairs, commode chairs, bed hoists, electric hoists, frames, and various walking aids. Enquire with our team to learn more about a specific product or service and we’ll be happy to assist you.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Bariatric Bed

    Why use a bariatric bed?

    For individuals with limited mobility, elderly, or those recovering from surgery, a bariatric bed can be an invaluable asset in terms of comfort, safety, and posture. Bariatric beds tend to have a far higher weight capacity than a normal bed, are longer and wider, and offer various types of supports such as side rails.


    What is the size of a bariatric bed?

    Depending on the specific product, a bariatric bed in Ireland can range from around 100-120 cm in width and approximately 200-220 cm in length. The bed’s height tends to be higher than a standard residential bed, but the height is often adjustable.


    What is the difference between a bariatric and a regular bed?

    A bariatric bed provides many additional features that a regular bed does not. For example, a bariatric bed can support obese individuals weighing 150kg or more and can facilitate various movements and increase safety due to side rails, whereas the typical residential bed cannot do these things.


    Who needs a bariatric bed?

    Bariatric beds are recommended for anyone who may have significant difficulties getting into or out of a regular bed, obese or extremely overweight individuals, or for anyone that has a tendency or is at risk of falling out of bed and causing injury. Moreover, bariatric beds assist patients with circulation and improve respiration.


    What are bariatric bed mattresses?

    A bariatric bed mattress is a mattress specifically designed to provide safety, support, and comfort for individuals that are extremely overweight or obese. They are most frequently used in conjunction with a bariatric bed.


    Is a bariatric bed worth it?

    Yes. Bariatric beds are an invaluable investment for hospitals, care homes, and in some private homes where the patient simply cannot safely use a regular bed. Overweight and obese individuals or elderly patients at risk of falling out of bed or that have difficulty sleeping in a normal bed can benefit from a bariatric bed.


    What is the best bariatric bed?

    The best bariatric bed is one that will satisfy the comfort and safety needs of the individual. This means that the bed should fully support the bodyweight of the individual, their size, and promote the necessary respiratory and circulatory health benefits from using the correct posture.