Bariatric Turning Mattress

Lateral Rotation Therapy with True Low Air Loss

The Bariatric Turning Mattress combines two clinically successful therapies in a portable system: Lateral Rotation and True Low Air Loss. The mattress has 18 independent 9′′ deep air cells that offer optimal pressure redistribution for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in Stages I-IV. Lateral Rotation Therapy lowers the risk of pulmonary problems in immobile patients. A Full, Left or Right Turn mode is available, as well as a 25º Small Turn or a 40º Big Turn.

For added patient safety, the mattress replacement is designed to suit all conventional hospital beds and features a high-density foam foundation, head bolster, and abduction wedge. The Bariatric Turning Mattress can accommodate patients weighing between 650 and 1000 pounds.

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Key Features

  • Bladders: Air holes throughout the mattress in ventilated low air loss cells serve to decrease skin maceration by eliminating excess moisture under the patient. TPU, or thermal polyurethane, is used to make air cells. This combination assures longevity, strength, and patient comfort.
  • Cover: A moisture-resistant / vapour-permeable, low shear, quilted cover that is urethane coated. The cover is machine washable, antimicrobial, fluid-resistant, and fire-resistant.
  • Hose Connections: Colour-coded for easy connection.
  • Blower Pump: A microprocessor controls the blower pump, giving the caregiver complete control over comfort and therapy. The cycle time spans from 5 and 95 minutes. The blower pump quickly inflates the mattress. This shortens the time it takes for therapeutic treatment to begin.
  • Head Rest and Leg Abductor: During the turning cycles, the headrest and leg abductor wedge give support. Viscoelastic foam is used to make the head support.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 36″ x 80″ x 9″
  • Weight: 23 lbs.
  • Air Cells: 18 – 9 ” deep cells. Ventilated low air loss bladders with air holes throughout the mattress.
  • Side Bolster: Patented air side rail bolsters are built into the mattress perimeter which supports the patient and ensures patient safety during rotation cycles.
  • Mattress Cover: Urethane coated, multi-stretch, low shear, moisture vapour permeable, quilted, removable, zippered cover, is anti-microbial, and fire retardant.
  • Degree of Turn: 25º Small turn, 40º Big turn


  • Mattress: 12 month limited
  • Pump: 12 month limited
  • Cover: 6 month limited


  • Dimensions: 17″L x 7″W x 10.5″H
  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Electrical: 120V 60 hz
  • Listings: UL® 544 Medical Equipment
  • Cycle Time: 5 – 95 Minutes
  • Air Flow: Over 1800 Liters per minute
  • Current: 5A
  • Ground Resistance: 0.1 ohms maximum
  • Power Cord: 12 ft. cord with hospital grade plug
  • Modes of Operation: Auto full turn, Left turn, Right turn, Auto-firm, Static

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