Pro-Care Auto Bariatric High Specification Pressure Relieving Dynamic Mattress

The Apex Pro-Care Bariatric Mattress comes with two different widths. 42” and 48” mattress, both with the maximum weight capacity of 450kg.

With its rectangular designed cells, the system also provides optimal pressure relief and comfort due to its capability to widely disperse pressure exerted at single points of contact.

The digital panel setting with weight guidance, adjustable cycle time and optional modes including alternate, static, max firm, and seat inflate are also available to meet the treatment needs for each individual. The antimicrobial filter and stretch cover is available for patients which allow them to receive the same high quality of care and comfort.

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Features and Benefits

  • Max Firm Mode: Inflates mattress to its firmest level for maximum stability. It will return to alternating therapeutic mode after 20 minutes
  • Static Mode: For patients sensitive to alternating mode, static mode facility available
  • Seat Inflate+ Static Mode: For stable support in seating position. This provides support with additional pressure to redistribute pressure centralized at sacrum area and avoid excessive sinking while sitting
  • Seat Inflate+ Alternating Mode: May apply to patient with rigid muscles. This provides support with additional pressure during alternating mode to relieve pressure centralized at sacrum area
  •  Alternating Mode: Periodically 1-in-2 alternating cycle mode with four available cycle times: 10, 15, 20, 25 minutes
  • Heel-Relief Cells: Protecting vulnerable heels. With Heel-Relief connector, heel can be suspended in air to completely eliminate pressure exerted to the heels
  • Thoughtful Carrying Handles: Simple way to transport bariatric patients Four sets of carrying handles are designed at the 2 sides of mattress to facilitate caregivers to transport the patients by lifting the whole mattress
  • Cell-on-Cell QubiCellTM: Optimal distribution and power failure protection. Cells conform to the contours of the body structure and movement. The inner cells can provide hours of support even during power failure

Technical Specifications

Mattress Dimensions: 200 x 107 x 25.4cm / 200 x 122 x 25.4cm

Mattress Weight: 11.6kg / 12.1kg

Maximum Patient Weight: 450kg / 450kg

Pump Size: 29.1 x 20 x 11.7cm / 29.1 x 20 x 11.7cm

Pump Weight: 11.6kg / 12.1kg

Operating Cycle: 10, 15, 20, 25mins / 10, 15, 20, 25mins


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