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What is a Bariatric Bed?

What is a bariatric bed, and how do you choose the best one to suit your needs? A bariatric bed is an extra heavy-duty bed that is designed to comfortably and safely accommodate large individuals in clinics, hospitals, homes, and rehabilitation centres. It is wider, longer, and has a higher weight than a standard hospital bed. Bariatric equipment comes in a variety of designs, sizes, and sizes to meet the needs of the patient.

Bariatric hospital beds needn’t remain in a hospital – bariatric hospital beds are suitable for home use too and can be used for extended periods of time in the same way that a standard bed would be used.

Bariatric beds are used alongside other bariatric equipment such as raised toilet seats, bariatric wheelchairs, bariatric hoists, air cushions, and bariatric chairs. The rule of thumb when choosing bariatric equipment is that the safety and needs of the patient should be considered.

How to Choose the Best Bariatric Hospital Bed –

Below are key considerations when choosing a bariatric bed for home use or hospital use:

Power Features –

Bariatric beds for home use can either be fully electric or semi-electric features. This feature helps the caregivers and your loved ones to adjust the bariatric hospital bed with push-button controls. A full electric bariatric bed allows the bed to be adjusted while a semi-electric bed allows the foot and head of the bed to be adjusted with the push of a button. Though the height of the bed might be fixed or adjustable and full electric bariatric beds are costly.

Size and Weight Capacity –

Bariatric hospital bed mattresses should be able to accommodate the size and weight capacity of the patient. To avoid serious injury the bariatric equipment should be able to withstand the weight capacity and this will ensure that it does not collapse. Additional width and weight capacity create room for family members to relax together in bed with their loved one.

Bed Frame Movement –

Bariatric hospital bed frames are either fixed or adjustable. The better option is an adjustable height frame that would make work easier for caregivers and for the individual to get in and out easily. This reduces the effort required to lift an individual when they are in bed. Bed frame movements include Trendelenburg position and reverse Trendelenburg position.

Side Rail and Grab Bar Options –

To protect the individual from injury from seizures are grab bars and side rail options that offer support. They provide stability so that moving in and out of the bed can be easier, also, they help to keep the remote controls within easy reach as well as offer support.

Headboard and Footboard Options –

The foot and head of a bariatric hospital bed rental should be mounted securely if an overhead trapeze assist bar is required it can be used. What is a bariatric bed if it is not multipurpose? The footboard may support pumps for air and other hospital equipment used.

Bariatric Equipment Product Reviews –

Umano Medical ook snow ALL Bariatric Bed – This bed offers patients more comfort and space and it makes caregivers’ lives simpler. It features 11’ low height maintains which facilitate patient mobility and reduces the adverse effects of a fall, has a superior weight capacity of 481kg, powered width expansion, and has user-friendly cleaning architecture.


Umano Medical ook snow ALL Bariatric Bed

Umano Medical ook snow ALL Bariatric Bed


Bariatric Vermeiren Interval XXL Profiling Bed – This bariatric hospital bed rental has four sections and comes with a controller for adjusting head support, height, and knee buckle. This bed is delivered on a transport kit, is comfortable and practical, has a maximum user weight of 270kg, and can be ordered with wooded or metal side rails.


Bariatric Vermeiren Interval XXL Profiling Bed

Bariatric Vermeiren Interval XXL Profiling Bed


Pro-Care Auto Bariatric High Specification Pressure Relieving Dynamic Mattress – This bariatric hospital bed for home use is designed with rectangular cells and widely disperses pressure making it more comfortable. It features a static mode for patients sensitivity, its mattress can be inflated to the firmest level, has thoughtful carrying handles and alternating mode with cycles times: 10, 15, 20, 25 minutes.


Pro-Care Auto Bariatric High Specification Pressure Relieving Dynamic Mattress

Pro-Care Auto Bariatric High Specification Pressure Relieving Dynamic Mattress


How to Clean and Maintain a Bariatric Bed –

Now that we understand what a bariatric bed is, we can now discuss how it’s best cleaned and maintained. The cleaning and maintaining of bariatric equipment is very important and beneficial for both the patient and carer. Regular cleaning and maintenance of bariatric beds for home use should be done often since it safeguards the health of the patient and the sanitisation of the environment. The materials and design used in the construction of bariatric equipment should help with cleaning and maintenance.

Key Cleaning Considerations – 

  • The patient’s needs must be considered and they should not be put under any pressure due to cleaning.
  • A mild detergent should be mixed with warm water and wiped down the framework, bars, and mattress.
  • Only approved cleaning materials should be used for any upholstery.
  • After cleaning, the nurse should ensure that no residual water is left behind and this completes hygiene.

How Much do Bariatric Beds Cost?

Bariatric equipment is specialist equipment that comes with a variety of features and functions as per the needs of the patient. This makes bariatric beds for home and hospital use more costly, and it is worth noting that the higher specifications will lead to increased costs.

Bariatric hospital bed rental is an option if you are working on a tight budget. O’Flynn Medical will help you with the many assessments when looking for a bariatric bed and our clinically-trained specialist will match your patient’s needs with an affordable solution.

Bariatric Hospital Bed Mattress Considerations –

When choosing a bariatric hospital bed mattress several characteristics need to be considered. They include:

Thickness –

To provide comfort the mattress should be thick to withstand the weight of the patient for a longer period.

Flexibility –

Bariatric beds are often moved from one room to another and the mattress should be flexible to adapt to the numerous movements. Also, a flexible mattress will make it easier for the patient to get in and out of the bed with so much ease.

Washable –

Not only must the mattress be easily washable but it must have a cover that is stain-resistant and waterproof. Incontinent patients require a mattress with an antimicrobial cover which is essential.

Anti-Decubitus –

The mattress must be designed in a way that evenly distributes the pressure and weight, therefore, preventing pressure sores.

Conclusion –

Now you know what a bariatric bed is, how to choose the right bariatric hospital bed, and other vital information about bariatric equipment. If you are looking for bariatric equipment, look no further than O’Flynn Medical. We are the leading medical equipment supplier for the hospital sector, nursing homes, and private homes in Ireland. We supply for purchase and rental with delivery around the entire country.

For more information on bariatric equipment and how to choose the best, O’Flynn Medical is here to help. Contact us today for a consultation or to get a free quote.

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