Ook Snow Mental Health Bed – A Mental Health Bed for Clinical and Safety Need

The need for institutions to offer advanced medical care in mental health environments has greatly evolved. Geriatric and med psych units, mental health centres, emergency departments, dedicated psych units, and detention centres are just a few examples of the facilities that have had to adapt to this new reality.

The ook snow MH hospital bed is designed to provide a solution to manage these various and complex care interventions, keeping in mind the need to offer both clinical benefits and risk management features. The ook snow MH, an adaptable and versatile bed, is the new alternative to ensuring safety for patients and healthcare professionals while maintaining a high level of clinical outcome.

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Low Observation Environments

  • Standard 10″ low height, with configurable minimum height via the smart screen, reduces the risk of falls and voluntary injuries.
  • Bed parts and components are secured with tamper-resistant fasteners that can only be removed with special tools.
  • Battery powered patient positioning allows the bed to remain functional even when placed in patient rooms not equipped with power outlets.
  • Filled boards are permanently attached* to support a reduced ligature environment and prevents patients from causing harm.

High Observation Environments

  • Cables and wires are concealed to minimize the risk of using them as a ligature.
  • Available with no siderails to increase security and avoid improper use in more challenging environments.
  • A complete line of support surfaces features a tear-resistant cover and offers patients with a comfortable and safe night’s sleep
  • Optional heavy-duty restraint loops can be added in 8 strategic locations for challenging situations.

Technical Specifications

Overall Length (with roller bumpers) 88″/ 224cm

  • Extended Length 92″ – 98″/ 234 – 249cm

Overall Width

Siderails Down 39.25″/ 100cm

Siderails Up 40.5″/ 102.9cm

Weight capacity 600lb/272.5kg

Height Range (to litter top)

  • Low (with 5″/ 12.7 cm dual casters) 10″/25.4cm
  • High (with 5″/ 12.7 cm dual casters) 30″/ 76.2cm
  • Low (with 5″/12.7cm single casters) 11.5″/29.2cm
  • High (with 5″/ 12. cm single casters) 31.5″/ 80cm

Patient surface positioning

  • Backrest 0° to 60°
  • Knee Gatch 0° to 30°
  • Trend. / Reverse Trend ± 16°
  • Boostless™ 4″ / 10.2cm

Patient surface dimensions

  • 35″ x 80″ or 84″
  • 88.9 x 203.2 or 213.4cm

Bed Weight 375 to 438lb / 170 to 199kg


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