Are you wondering where to buy medical equipment online? O’Flynn Medical is a leading provider of medical equipment in Ireland. Our expert service was recognised when we were crowned Cork’s ‘Company of The Year’ in 2019We have extensive experience in the supply of high-quality medical equipment, as well as rentalassembly and decontamination servicesFor over two decades, we have collaborated with nursing homes, hospitals, care providers and private households to provide a nationwide, quality-approved service at a competitive price.  

Where To Buy Medical Equipment Online Ireland

What Makes O’Flynn Medical Unique

Through our website, our customers can both purchase and rent high-quality medical grade equipment online. We provide seamless delivery across Ireland. Our service is one all our clients can depend on, from large hospitals to thousands of private households. 

At O’Flynn Medical, we thoroughly vet our suppliers and source our products only from reputable manufacturers. We appraise all our medical equipment, making sure that only high-quality products reach our customers. Our comprehensive package of rental services includes servicing, decontamination and cleaning. 

Fast and Efficient Delivery

The pandemic has brought home to all of us the importance of reliable local providers, especially in terms of hospital grade medical equipment. Compounded by Brexit red tape, some deliveries are suffering delays across the UK/EU border. As we are based in Ireland, O’Flynn Medical enjoys a close working relationship with suppliers and clients alike. So, when you order your medical equipment online from us, you can rest assured there will be no long delays.  

Best of all, we deliver right to your door. And if needed, we can assemble equipment on-site. When the time comes to return any rental equipment to us, we also collect it for you, upon request. Most large products, such as hospital beds and mattress, come with free delivery. For smaller products, prices start from €6, with assembly and collection included in the overall price. 

Large Variety of Medical Equipment

One of the perks of buying or renting your medical grade equipment from us is that we stock a large selection of equipment, from breast pumps to hospital beds. Our online selection features products for patients of any age and ability. 

Breast Pumps

At O’Flynn Medical, we stock essential equipment for new mothers, such as double electric breast pumps, milk storage bags, tamper-proof bottles, and breastfeeding accessories for new mothers. This high-quality ‘hospital grade’ equipment is especially useful in caring for babies who are premature, unable to latch or have a tongue tie. Our breast pump rental service allows nursing mothers to utilise the same equipment provided in hospitals from the comfort of their own home and for as long as needed. 

Hospital Beds

hospital bed rental online

Whether it’s for the care of a family member at home or for patients on the ward, a hospital bed is a key component of a care plan. At O’Flynn Medical, you will find hospital beds for purchase or for hire that match the needs of the patient, whatever their age, weight, and level of mobility. We stock hi-tech adjustable beds, low profiling beds, high acute care and mental health beds, as well as models designed mainly to prevent falls and discomfort. 

Air Mattress

If you’re not quite sure where to buy medical equipment online, remember that comfort is key when it comes to mattresses. Together with a hospital-grade profiling bed, our air mattresses feature the latest technologies to prevent bedsores, ulcers, and discomfort. Browse our catalogue to find the air mattress that suits your needs, be it rotational, pressure relieving, dynamic, or non-powered. 

If you don’t plan to keep your medical equipment, try our hospital bed & mattress rental service instead. It’s the practical option for those who only expect to use a mattress for a few weeks or months. Our friendly staff will deliver and assemble your bed and mattress. 

Person Hoist and Stand Aids

When your loved one needs a helping hand standing up or getting in and out of bed, buying a person hoist is the natural solution. This piece of equipment can help secure the patient’s independence and prove to be an invaluable aid for carers. 

Whether you’re looking for a single-person, passive, no-effort hoist or an active hoist for someone who can stand more readily, there’s also the option to hire one. Our hoist rental service also extends to slings, and it even comes with a trial and demo option. 

Bariatric Equipment

If you’re wondering where to buy medical equipment online designed for bariatric patients, O’Flynn Medical is here to help. We provide premium hospital-grade bariatric equipment, such as wheelchairs, beds, hoists, shower chairs, and even designer cushions. 

Sterisafe Disinfection System

The Sterisafe robot is an air and surface decontamination unit available for sale and hire, designed to remove bacteria and viruses from rooms of any size within minutes. It uses nothing but ozone, water, and electricity while taking only minutes to set up. 

It can be operated by any individual within your company, sterilizing your work environment with minimal downtime. It’s ideal for hospitals and nursing homes, where sealing the entire building for decontamination purposes is unproductive. 

Non-Contact Thermometer

The industry standard in contactless temperature monitoring, our Non-Contact Thermometer is also in stock and available for purchase. This high-precision infrared thermometer features dual temperature scale settings, instant forehead readings and built-in memory. 

Speak To An Expert

At O’Flynn Medical, we believe the mark of a good business is the ability to put the customer first. So, we make every contact count. If you are unsure where to buy medical equipment online and are in need of assistance, get in touch with us today by phone or email.