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    A breast pump is an important aid for mothers wishing to give their baby the natural goodness of breastfeeding. An Ameda electric breast pump will provide you with the convenience of having a supply of milk whenever your baby needs it. They are also a vital necessity for mothers of premature babies or mums of babies who are unable to latch on or babies with a tongue tie. With the right electric breast pump, producing milk can also be rapid and easy to fit into a busy schedule. Due to matching medical design standards and innovative features, Ameda is one of the best brands on the market today. Comfortable and efficient, the Ameda double electric breast pumps will provide the ultimate support for you and your baby.

    For information on breastfeeding take a look at our FAQ guide below. There is huge benefits to breastfeeding but we understand it can be a challenge. Whether you need a short-term breast pump rental or want to buy a portable breast pump we would be delighted to help. We’ll be happy to provide expert support and advice on our breast pumps. 

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  • Electric Breast Pump FAQs


    Is It Painful To Use A Breast Pump? 

    Most new mothers are unaware that using a breast pump should not be painful. This is true regardless of whether you choose an electrical breast pump or a manual option. However, it can take time to learn how to use a professional breast pump the right way. Key aspects to consider include the positioning of the breast. You need to start with the right size of flange. The nipple should be perfectly centred in the middle. 

    You should also think about the level of suction and speed. Do note that a high suction or high speed does not mean more breast milk and could actually cause you to produce less. Instead, you should keep the speed and suction low. You need to find a setting that mimics how a baby would typically nurse to avoid pain. As well as this, do make sure that you are using a professional breast pump. Our hospital grade Ameda Elite electric breast pump is a great option for reducing the possibility of pain and ensure a comfortable experience. We also stock the Ameda Mya Joy for those wishing to purchase an electric breast pump for home. Both of these products are designed to minimise any discomfort. If you are experiencing persistent discomfort or troubles breastfeeding we would advise you contact your lactation consultant or doctor.   


    Do You Need To Sterilise A Breast Pump Before First Use? 

    You do need to make sure that you are cleaning your manual or Ameda electric breast pump before first use and periodically after this. That ensures that germs and contamination issues are avoided as much as possible. Be aware fungus and bacteria can develop if a breast pump is not cleaned effectively. This may result in sore or cracked nipples, thrush and potentially a breast infection. 

    Each of our electric breast pumps provide different instructions for cleaning. However, typically, a breast pump will need to be disassembled and key parts will need to be cleaned with boiling water. Others can be cleaned using soap and water. Also to note our Ameda breast pump range operates a closed system for increased hygiene safety. 


    What Is The Difference Between a Manual & an Electric Breast Pump?

    You might be deciding whether to opt for a manual or a portable electric breast pump. The main difference between a manual and an electric breast pump is the level of effort required to milk. With an Ameda electric breast pump, once the flange is fitted over the breast the process is completely automatic. An electric breast pump will also typically allow you to pump more milk in a shorter period of time with limited levels of discomfort. 

    An electric breast pump also provides users with multiple settings to consider which further ensures comfort and support. We have the Hospital grade Ameda Elite and the Ameda Mya Joy electric breast pumps available, both of which are double-breast pumps. 


    Is A Double Breast Pump Better Than A Single? 

    When selecting a breast pump, you should consider a double breast pump. These varieties do provide significant advantages over the standard single electric breast pump. With this option, both breasts can be pumped at the same time. As such, the supply of milk increases more rapidly, providing an efficient solution. Studies do show that mothers can pump more milk with a twin breast pump. Research suggests that double pumping can reduce pumping time by roughly half. As such, this can be a significant advantage for working parents, mothers of premature babies or mums of babies who are unable to latch on. 

    Another big advantage of double pumping is that it can reduce the chance of leakage. During single pumping with an electric breast pump, it is possible for breast milk to leak out of the other breast. With double pumping, all the breast milk can be collected.


    Should You Always Pump Both Breasts? 

    Generally, it is recommended that you do pump both breasts to reach an efficient level of production and avoid soreness. However, there are some exceptions. For instance, some mothers will prefer to pump one breast while massaging the other. As well as this, you might find that there’s an oversupply of milk because you typically use one breast for feeding. This is going to depend on your body and your unique requirements. The more you complete the process, the more you’ll learn about your body and what works best for you.  We would advise you contact your lactation consultant though if you have any questions or issues with breastfeeding.  


    Is Breast Pump Rental Available?

    If you want the best, high-quality product, you need to consider a hospital-grade breast pump hire. We do cater to this demand with the Ameda Elite avaiable for short or long-term breast pumps available in Ireland The Ameda Elite double breast pump provides a safe way to ensure that mothers can get the most milk as quickly as possible without any pain or discomfort. You can also use this electric breast pump rental option for either single or double pumping 

    It’s worth noting that for this hospital-grade breast pump rental product, you will need to select and purchase your own flange kit. This is purely for hygiene and safety reasons. Our Ameda breast pump range operate a closed system for increased hygiene safety. 


     What Is The Best Breast Pump?

    If you are looking for the best breast pump on the market, you need to consider a hospital grade electric breast pump. At O’Flynn Medical we have two medical-grade breast pumps available from Ameda. Both provide the ideal solution to ensure that you get a comfortable experience without the pain or physical exertion of a manual pump. The Ameda double breast pumps are designed to be used in the home by mothers and provide the ultimate solution.

    These electric breast pumps are easy to use, fast to provide results and most importantly are twin breast pumps. These do provide all the benefits of this type of design including no chance of leakage, efficient production and a superior level of comfort as well as support. Follow the link to know more about breast pump rental.


    When Can I Use A Breast Pump? 

    When you should breast pump will be determined by individual details. If you have a full-term, breastfeeding baby who is healthy, you can wait a couple weeks before you begin pumping and storing breast milk. However, if you have a baby who is ill or preterm and is unable to breastfeed or you have chosen to exclusively pump, it’s preferable to start as soon after birth as you can. The recommended time is around one to six hours after delivery. We would advise you contact your lactation consultant if you have any concerns or issues with breastfeeding.


    What Is The Best Way To Breast Pump? 

    The best way to breast pump will be determined by whether you are breastfeeding or relying on the pump completely. If you are breastfeeding, most mothers will be comfortable pumping in the morning. You can also use your electric breast pump for about an hour before breastfeeding or an hour after nursing. This will leave plenty of milk for when your baby next needs to feed. 

    Alternatively, if you are going to rely completely on breast pumping, then you should be completing this process around eight to ten times throughout the day. Full milk production will result in around 750 – 1000 milliliters of milk daily. 

    Ultimately, you should make sure that you are planning your breast pump schedule around what works best for you as well as your little one. 

    How long should you breast pump for? 

    How long you use a breast pump for will depend on the device that you are using. If you are using a standard manual pump, expect it to take around twenty minutes. With a high quality, medical grade, double electric breast pump, this time can be reduced to ten. It’s another benefit of investing in the best breast pump available on the market. 


    How Do You Pump More Breast Milk? 

    If you need to produce more breast milk, there are a few ways to achieve this. First, do make sure that you are using the best device possible. This will put less pressure on your breasts while ensuring that the maximum level of milk can be produced. 

    You also need to be aware that breast milk is produced in a simple form of supply and demand. Your breasts produce the amount of milk needed. You just have to show your body that you need more. You can do this by increasing the number of times through the day that you empty your breasts of milk. This can be completed with an electric breast pump or through natural breastfeeding.  

    You can also increase the amount of milk available to pump by breastfeeding and then pumping. Your breasts can feel completely empty when you are finished nursing or it may seem as though there’s a little milk left. If you add a pumping session, this can send a message to your body that more milk is needed.