Vermeiren Rise ‘n’ Recline (Lift Chair)

The Ontario liftchair offers you optimal comfort in your own home. With the simple push of a button you can relax, watch television or take a nap in your Ontario liftchair.

Once you lay down, you won’t want to get up again as this chair offers optimal relaxation.

Available for rental or purchase
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Features & Benefits

  • 2 motors where you can separately control the backrest and the legrest
  • Can be completely reclined to 180°
  • Stand-up position can assist in getting you back on your feet

Technical Specifications

Total Width: 845mm

Seat Width: 480mm

Height Armrests: 140mm

Seat Height: 500mm

Total Height: 1145mm

Total Length: 960mm

Seat Depth: 530mm

Height Backrest: 670mm

Weight: 53.3kg

Users Weight: 150kg



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