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    Lift chairs are an ideal way for the elderly or for individuals with mobility problems to sit and relax more easily. These chairs are typically like a recliner or a sofa, but they tend to come with motorised components that can tilt or recline and that facilitate movement and more easily enable individuals to sit comfortably. Lift chair recliners in Ireland come with several important benefits for those with impaired mobility or for seniors. Firstly, they improve quality of life by enabling a safer and more comfortable way to sit or stand up. Secondly, many modern lift chairs for elderly individuals have motorised or otherwise adjustable parts that can tilt or turn as needed to increase comfort and provide support. Buy lift chairs from O’Flynn Medical and get quality products at affordable prices.

  • Vermeiren Rise ‘n’ Recline (Lift Chair)

  • Different Types of Lift Chairs

    Just as there are many different types of comfort chairs, there are many different types of lift chair recliners to choose from. Generally, lift chairs have varying reclining positions, ranging from two to three reclining positions or perhaps supporting an endless amount of movement angles. Most lift chair recliners in Ireland are motorised, and many come with heating options or massage functions.


    How to Choose the Right Lift & Rise Recliner Chairs in Ireland?

    For individuals with limited mobility and/or for seniors, choosing the right lift chair recliner requires forethought and some research. The most important considerations should be safety and comfort, so look for a lift chair that is a suitable size and height to accommodate your movements of sitting and standing. Moreover, look for quality materials, additional features such as armrests or leg support, and the types of movement the chair can accommodate.


    Why You Should Buy Lift Chair Recliners from O’Flynn Medical?

    O’Flynn Medical is your number one choice for safe, comfortable, and durable lift chair recliners in Ireland. We carry a wide selection of quality lift chairs for elderly and other individuals with limited mobility, and our various lift chair models come with a variety of practical features to further increase comfort and to support proper posture. At O’Flynn Medical we offer reliable & cost-effective delivery across Ireland. For further details, please contact our expert team.


    Other Comfort Chair Products Offered by O’Flynn Medical

    In addition to our wide selection of lift chairs and riser recliner chairs, O’Flynn Medical carries a large stock of other comfort chairs, such as orthopaedic chairs, ergonomic chairs and recliners, and high back chairs. Browse our selection of comfort chairs and find just the right product for your needs. To accommodate customers of varying levels of mobility, we offer various chairs with features designed to improve safety and comfort while adding essential support for arms, legs, the neck, and lower back areas.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Lift Chair Recliners

    Are lift chairs worth it?

    Yes. Lift chairs are certainly a worthwhile investment for individuals with mobility issues, the elderly, or for individuals recovering from a surgery and that need suitable support. A good lift chair can facilitate movement and increase confidence as they make it simple and safe to sit down and stand up as well as to readjust while sitting.


    How can I choose the best lift recliner chairs for the elderly?

    The best lift recliner chair for elderly individuals largely depends on their specific needs. For elderly individuals who have difficulty standing or sitting up safely or that require a caregiver for these otherwise simple tasks, a recliner chair can restore confidence by allowing the elderly to do so on their own. Look for a chair with a suitable height that is the appropriate size and can support the weight of the individual.


    Is it alright to sleep in a lift recliner chair?

    Lift chairs are primarily designed for sitting, but it may be safe to sleep in one from time to time. Keep in mind that this is not their primary purpose, however, and it is typically far better to sleep in a comfortable bed with an ergonomic mattress than to sleep in a recliner chair.


    Who needs a lift chair?

    A lift chair is suitable for anyone who finds sitting and standing to be challenging, or if it is unsafe to do so alone. Lift chairs can be adjusted to accommodate the user during these actions whilst also facilitating movement while sitting down. These chairs are ideal for individuals with mobility issues, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, or any other condition that restricts or constrains movement.


    Where can you find the best lift chair recliner in Ireland?

    The best place to find an affordable and high-quality lift chair recliner in Ireland is at O’Flynn Medical. Our wide selection of lift chair recliners are suitable for most elderly and mobility impaired individuals.