Apex Sedens 500 Pressure Relieving Cushion

Seat cushion with battery power

The Apex Sedens 500 cushion is a lightweight and portable cushion making it the perfect option to be used in chairs or wheelchairs. It features a solid foam base with medial thigh support for postural stability.

An in-built lithium-ion battery of long duration allows for autonomy up to 12 hours with visual and audible alarm enhances patient’s safety and security.

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery which provides 12 hours of operation on a full charge.
  • 4-Way Stretch Cover provides fluid resistant, low shear and vapour permeable top cover protect skin from friction and moisture
  • Static and Alternating pressure redistribution with 5 comfort levels for selecting
  • Non-slip base prevents the cushion from sliding out of position, giving peace of mind to the user


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Product Specification

Cushion Dimension: 44 x 42 x 10.2 cm

Cell Height: 3”

Weight: 1.11 kg

Cover Material: Stretch PU Polyester

Cell Material: Nylon/PU & PU Foam

Base Material: Nylon/PU

Fire Retardant Rating: EN 597-1 & EN 597-2

Maximum Patient Weight: 120kg