Flexi-Air (Non-powered Hybrid Mattress)

“Perfect Combination of Air and Foam”



    “Perfect Combination of Air and Foam”

  • Suitable for patients in medium to high risk of pressure injuries
  • Patented hybrid cell design for efficient air displacement
  • Top cover with high MVTR for better cooling effect and comfort
  • Triangular cut heel section for greater heel pressure reduction

Trio Prevention

1.  Air Displacement

Automatic Air Displacement – Displace air and regulate the pressure in the aligned cells

2.  Ventilated Drilled

Ventilated Drilled Foam – Foam of upper layer helps reduce heat and aid with patient comfort

3.  High-Resilience

High–resilience foam – High–resilience foam of lower layer provides stable support


Features and Benefits

Side Bolsters with Grooves

  • U/V shape grooves offer support and stability when ingress and egress
  • Compatible with profiling beds

Modular Mattress Design

  • Modular mattress design for ease of cleaning and serviceability
  • Cells can be replaced independently to make cost efficient

Heel Slope

Ergonomic weight bearing foam with slope to reduce leg pressure off the heel

Non-woven Cover of Heel Cells

Easily to maintenance and reduces the risk of cross infection


4 Carry Handles

Easily lift up and transport


4-way Stretch Cover

  • Low friction and shear
  • Vapour permeable, water resistant
  • High-flame retardant

Non Slip PU Base

Prevents mattress from slipping out the bed


Technical Specifications


Flexi-Air A3 Brochure

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