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    High back chairs are an ideal way to sit back and enjoy quality time with friends or loved ones whilst getting robust back support and keeping a healthy posture. O’Flynn Medical has a large selection of high back chairs for elderly individuals, and they’re also suitable for anyone with mobility issues or those recovering from surgery. There are many benefits that a good high back chair offers to individuals of all ages, but particularly for the elderly as well as for individuals with impaired mobility. In addition to providing essential support for the head and shoulders, a high back chair can also help to alleviate lower back pain, minimise symptoms of osteoarthritis, and promote good circulation whilst sitting. Buy high back chairs from O’Flynn Medical and get quality products at affordable prices. 

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  • Types of High Back Chairs

    Just as with other comfort chairs and orthopaedic chairs in Ireland, there are many high-back chairs to choose from. Some high-back chairs in Ireland come with adjustable features, armrests, backrests, headrests, and/or footrests, while others are simpler in construction. Many are ideal for the dinner table or for shorter periods of sitting, whilst others are more akin to a recliner comfort chair.


    How to Choose the Right High Back Chair in Ireland?

    It is essential that you choose the right high-back chair in Ireland that meets your specific needs. Whether you suffer from mobility issues or you need a chair with additional support for your neck, arms, or legs, for example, you should purchase a chair that offers these features. Moreover, always ensure that the chair is made of sturdy and durable materials yet is well-cushioned and comfortable to sit on.


    Why You Should Buy High Back Chairs from O’Flynn Medical

    O’Flynn Medical is a leading Irish supplier of medical equipment, including high-quality and sturdy comfort chairs and high back chairs. Our high back chairs are designed with safety and comfort in mind and are therefore suitable for individuals of all ages and of varying levels of mobility. If in doubt about which chair is the best for your particular needs, please don’t hesitate to enquire with our friendly team. At O’Flynn Medical we offer fast & reliable nationwide delivery across Ireland. For further details, please contact our expert team.


    Other Comfort Chair Products Offered by O’Flynn Medical

    Whether you require a dependable high back chair in Ireland or a cosier recliner for extended periods of sitting, O’Flynn Medical has products that are suitable for you. We supply a wide range of comfort chairs such as recliners, bariatric chairs, orthopaedic chairs, and much more. Purchase a safe, sturdy, and comfortable chair for your home or health clinic from O’Flynn Medical.


    Frequently Asked Questions About High Back Chairs


    Are high back chairs worth it?

    Yes. High back chairs are certainly ideal for individuals that suffer from back pain or that have mobility issues, including the elderly. A good high back chair from a reputable supplier such as O’Flynn Medical provides relief and comfort while simultaneously supporting the spinal column and lumbar area and thus improving posture.


    What are high back chairs good for?

    High back chairs are suitable for anyone suffering from back pain, including neck pain, osteoarthritis, or any other condition that impairs mobility. Whereas many comfort chairs are ideal for extended sitting sessions, high back chairs tend to be more formal in appearance and style and may be better in an office or dining room, although they are comfortable enough for longer sitting sessions as well.


    Who needs a high back chair?

    Anyone suffering from back pain, arthritis, or that has mobility issues and cannot tolerate sitting in a normal chair can enjoy the many benefits of a high back chair built for ergonomics and comfort. The high back of these chairs promotes good posture while reducing back pain.


    Which type of high chair is best for the elderly?

    For elderly individuals, a high back chair with adjustable height tends to be the best choice because it reduces the height needed for sitting or standing, thereby increasing safety and comfort.


    Where can you find the best high back chair in Ireland?

    The best high back chair in Ireland will depend largely on your specific needs, such as height requirements, materials, whether you require armrests or leg rests, and on personal style preferences. To find the best high back chair for elderly and other individuals with impaired mobility, shop at O’Flynn Medical.