All of the joy and love surrounding the birth of a newborn, especially if it’s your first, comes with its challenges as well. Whether it’s learning to breastfeed or the inability to get a good night’s sleep, there’s a lot to consider for new parents. One area that parents are often unsure of is bathing. The BabyDam is ideal for bathing newborns and toddlers, it is practical and safe to use, making bath time a fun experience for both the newborn and the parents. Read on for more info.

What is the Correct Way of Bathing a Newborn Baby?

It really depends on each and every baby, but generally, parents should avoid washing their newborns too much since their skin is very sensitive in the earliest weeks and months of development.

Healthcare professionals recommend washing your newborn 2-3 times per week rather than every day. Parents concerned about cleanliness can choose to wipe down the baby’s face, neck, hands, and bottom with a cloth. As the baby gets a little older, It’s recommended that your baby bathes every day, and for longer periods, as their skin becomes less sensitive.

Are Baby Baths Suitable for Newborns?

Baby baths have long been considered a necessity for washing newborns, but in reality they are not. Firstly, baby baths see plenty of wear and tear with daily usage, and combined with the fact that babies grow, expect them only to last half a year or so at the most. Baby baths also tend to be bulky and quite heavy, so they often end up being a burden.

Are There Any Alternatives to a Baby Bath?

A healthy baby needs to be kept clean and bathed, so you may be wondering what, if any, alternatives exist to baby baths? Products such as BabyDam make life easier for new mothers, without contributing needlessly to plastic waste. BabyDam’s support babies as they grow into young, healthy boys and girls.

Safe and Practical 

The BabyDam is unique in that it accommodates the growth of your baby all the way from early newborn stages up to the age of four.

BabyDam is a water barrier made of BPA and phthalate-free PVC designed to be adjustable to nearly any size of bathtub (L-shaped bathtubs included). The BabyDam allows parents to spend quality time in the bath with their little one and give him/her the space needed to clean up, while also allowing the baby to play and interact with the water at easily controllable levels.

The barrier can be positioned anywhere you choose in the tub with the help of its robust fittings. It’s perfectly safe (and ideal) for use with newborns. This is something that many customers find surprising since they often hold the notion that bath barriers are only useful during the transition away from baby baths.

Quick and Easy Set-Up

For most babies, especially the youngest ones, bath time is a quick and short affair only lasting perhaps 10 minutes at most. Newborns have sensitive skin which can get cold easily, so you ideally will only want them in the bath for as long as it takes to gently scrub them clean.

BabyDam is the perfect solution since parents can simply adjust the barrier towards a small end of the tub and to only fill up to the minimum watermark (marked below the safety porthole). Use of the BabyDam contributes to far lower water expenditure in the household, since you don’t need to fill up the entire tub. Homeowners can save 28-56 litres of water per bath using BabyDam.

The BabyDam can be used in conjunction with baby cradles if desired, or you can easily reach over the BabyDam and cradle them yourself. This latter way is perhaps more intimate between parent and child, but it’s also far less straining on the back and it helps reassure the baby since you’re nearby.

Babies Feel Secure and Safe

Most parents that use BabyDam use it with babies until the age of three or four, but there are some customers who have used it up to the ages of seven. This is all possible due to its simple and adjustable design that accommodates the growth of newborns.

Another benefit is that it helps to keep babies secure and reassured in their own personal little zone. They are kept cosy and safe around water from a young age, which can help alleviate any aversion to bath time as they grow a little older.

Where Can Parents Buy BabyDam?

New and expecting parents looking for the BabyDam can purchase it online today from O’Flynn Medical. We supply BabyDam and many other high-quality products for new parents within Ireland and Northern Ireland like breast pumps which are available to buy and rent. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to know more about our products or delivery services.