An automatic hospital bed allows people who are unable to change position or make basic manoeuvres by themselves regain their confidence and independence. With an automatic hospital bed, those confined to long periods in bed can take control of their own movements and make themselves more comfortable.

Why Choose an Automatic Hospital Bed?

Automatic hospital beds or profiling beds are adjustable, electrically operated, and specifically designed for various levels of medical needs. Most electrical profiling beds can have their height adjusted automatically so that care can be administered easier and fuss-free. Some also feature a tilting option. This is a function called Trendelenburg and it’s controlled by handset. This remote controller can be operated by the individual or care giver, depending on the situation.

What makes an automatic hospital bed so special is the fact that the mattress platform is divided into sections. This enables the user to position it at different angles and heights. With some beds, the backrest can be raised upright, to help the patient sit up.

Some also have a footrest or knee break that can be adjusted elevate the legs. Versatile and clever, these beds offer support for the head, back, neck, knees, and hips. Depending on the user’s personal needs for comfort, posture, and activity, the bed can adjust to meet these requirements and even exceed them.

The benefits of an automatic hospital bed are many. Patients suffering from long-term health conditions and mobility issues find it easier to cope with day-to-day tasks, and feel less of a burden on loved ones.

Automatic Hospital Bed

Likewise, the attending care givers are better equipped to handle their care tasks. By the very nature of their jobs, carers often lift heavy weights and jeopardise their own health in the process. But with a good quality adjustable hospital bed, they don’t need to exert themselves physically to administer care.

An adjustable, automatic hospital bed enables people with limited mobility to change position without the need for assistance. This takes pressure away from loved ones and caregivers, and gives the patients the privacy they are entitled to. But how to find the ideal automatic hospital bed for your or your loved one? Here are a few things to consider.

Types of Automatic Hospital Bed

Not all hospital beds are made equal. Some are ideal for people of a certain age. Some are recommended for different levels of mobility. And others are best used by those of a certain weight. Here are the main types of automatic hospital beds and their ideal uses:

  • Standard Height Beds. These profiling beds are some of the most common and least expensive. The height range extends from 35cm to 85cm or thereabouts. It’s enough for people to get out of bed and then back in with little effort. And most care givers find this height range works for them too as they carry out their tasks.
  • Low or Floor Height Beds. As profiling beds go, these are some of the most convenient for elderly people who are unable to lift their legs or who fear falling out of bed. These beds come very close to the floor, sometimes as close as 7cm. They function much like a platform, and on their lowest setting will dramatically reduce the risk of injury from falling.
  • Bariatric, Wide, or Plus Beds. Much like a standard bariatric hospital bed, wide or plus size profiling beds can accommodate people who need more space. Whereas regular profiling beds are 3ft wide, these bariatric adjustable beds can go up to 4ft in width. (see our full bariatric equipment range)
  • Stand Assist Bed. These beds come with a clever design that enables the rotation of the mattress platform in such a way as to reposition the patient. They can help patients sit or stand upright. It’s the ideal automatic adjustable bed for those who can bear their weight, but struggle to transfer from one position to the other without assistance.
  • Full Electric Hospital Bed. This is a bed with all the trimmings, designed for the high demands of a hospital environment. It combines the tilt and auto-regression functions of a cardiac chair to improve the position of the user and help with their rehabilitation. Due to its size, this bed is best suited for a large, open-space environment, such as a care home or a hospital.

Out of all, the full electric hospital bed has the most advanced features. The control buttons can usually adjust the height of the frame and raise the head or foot of the bed in an instant. With only the push of a button, anyone can enjoy the features of a high-tech hospital bed from home or a nursing home.

As patients dial in their settings and preferences, transfers become quick and hassle-free, and carers have one less thing to worry about. Also, the foot and back adjustment makes it an anatomically correct surface for sleeping. And depending on the model, a full electric and adjustable hospital bed can withstand weights of up to 600 pounds. However, even the best bed on the market is only as good as the mattress it comes with.

Mattresses for Adjustable Hospital Beds

electric bed and mattress

Hospital grade mattresses should always be used with specially designed hospital beds, so that people can enjoy the full range of features they offer. When people are confined to bed or have reduced mobility, these mattresses are extremely important. If you are purchasing an automatic hospital bed or availing of our hospital bed rental service, finding the right mattress is an important addition.

When weight is an issue, an Air Mattress can be a fantastic alternative to conventional foam or a hybrid mattresses. These clever mattresses are calibrated to adjust to the weight of the patient and the position of the bed. So, they relieve pressure from different areas at different times, without needing too much fiddling with controls.

What exactly are hospital mattresses? They are commonly either air mattresses and foam mattresses. They are designed for people with limited mobility to prevent pressure sores, bedsores, and pressure ulcers. Both foam and air mattresses should help to improve the users mobility and comfort levels.

Essential Accessories for Adjustable Hospital Beds

The side rail is an important accessory for a bed and mattress combo. It helps prevent falls, it provides the carer more space to manoeuvre, and it gives loved ones peace of mind. Whether it’s a half rail or a full-size rail, it must be compatible with the bed, as well as the mattress. And it should be easy to remove and adjust.

But let’s not overlook the importance of a good cushion. Air Cushions, for instance, feature pockets of air or cells that adjust to the weight and shape of the body to relieve pressure and prevent bedsores. Similarly, Gel Cushions help keep the area cool.

For those who feel bogged down by the weight of their own body, Person Hoist and Stand Aids can help them regain their independence. These transfer hoists and slings can help them shuffle between bed, wheelchair, and bath without too much of a bother.

How to Get a Hospital Bed at Home

Full featured as they are, automatic hospital beds can be used by anyone anywhere. When you ring O’Flynn Medical, we will discuss bed choices, room layout, and any additional information the engineers may need when they fit the bed.

At O’Flynn medical, we also offer hospital bed hire. Coupled with flexible payment plans, these services allow you to rent a hospital bed for home long-term, or even for a short holiday in the area.

Where Can I Rent a Hospital Bed?

At O’Flynn Medical, we believe our experience and expertise makes us the ideal choice. As a specialist automatic bed company, we can guarantee the highest quality for our fully profiling and other adjustable beds. Contact us for hassle-free rental or outright purchase for uninterrupted use of some of the best beds available on the market today. We also provide: hoist rental, wheelchair rental,

If you would like to discuss purchasing or renting an electric hospital bed, feel free to contact our team by phone on 1890 440 440 or email on info@oflynnmedical.com.