Invacare ISA Sit to Stand

An evolution in stand assist lifters

The Invacare ISA stand assist lifter is designed to support active transfers for people who have some weight bearing ability, but are unable to raise themselves into a standing position unaided. A focus on flexible adjustment enables the ISA to achieve a natural pattern of movement. By adapting to the needs of a wider range of body types this innovative stand assist can be adjusted to each individual without compromising on the ergonomic function of the lift.

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Technical Specifications

  • Safe Working Load: 160kg
  • Base Length: 1080mm
  • Base Width: 635mm
  • Inside Width Legs Closed: 495mm
  • Inside Wdth Legs Open: 960mm
  • Turning Diameter: 1260mm
  • Total weight: 48kgMax Height: 1650/ 1800mm
  • Lifting Range: 550/ 675mm
  • Ground Clearance: 35mm
  • Height of Legs: 1 15mm
  • Lifting Speed: 46mm/s
  • Lifts per Charge: 82


Invacare Roze Hoist

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