The world has never been quite so aware of the perils of inadequate infection control as it is right now. The unprecedented spread of COVID-19 across the globe has shed unwelcome light on just how under facilitated some hospitals, nursing homes, care homes, and other medical facilities are. Finding practical solutions for cleaning medical spaces with a minimum of downtime required is not easy. However, O’Flynn’s Sterisafe Pro disinfection robot brings new levels of convenience and efficiency to the process of infection control.

Infectious Disease Spread

It is the ease with which COVID-19 spreads that makes this strain of coronavirus so dangerous. Infections that can survive for significant periods (such as hours or even days in the case of COVID-19) on a wide variety of surfaces make things like hospital infection control more critical than ever. The people who enter these buildings are more likely to be vulnerable, and at high risk of suffering serious health difficulties by infection. That is why these areas, where the sick, old, and care workers are to be found, require the most thorough infection control, ensuring that as much of any virus that may be lurking, is killed. We cannot overstate the importance of infection prevention and control in hospitals and nursing homes.

The Sterisafe Pro

Infection Control in Nursing Homes

The Sterisafe Pro is a mobile disinfection system that can sterilise both surfaces and air. The ability to quickly move the Sterisafe Pro around makes it ideal for infection control in large buildings, such as hospitals and nursing homes. Its user-friendly design makes operating the Sterisafe Pro without lengthy training programmes possible, further reducing the obstacles to adequate infection prevention and control in nursing homes and hospitals.

It is also a universal device that can be easily used anywhere, removing the need for separate equipment for different areas, such as wards and operating theatres. Just set the robot up where infection control is needed and let it work.

Despite the best of intentions, manual disinfection has its limitations. In addition to being labour intensive, it also puts staff, patients, and anyone else using the building in question at the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals and vapours. Furthermore, it is far less effective than the Sterisafe Pro. Typically somewhere between 20 and 60% of a manually disinfected room remain contaminated, making it an ineffective infections control method.

Key Features

The main features that the Sterisafe Pro boasts include;

  • Kills up to 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses including COVID-19
  • The process is chemical-free, meaning no chemical residue
  • It leaves no harmful byproducts
  • Monitor process remotely thanks to automation
  • Fully mobile and flexible design
  • Requires only water and electricity
  • Far more effective and less time-consuming method of infection control than manual disinfection

The Sterisafe Pro is available for both purchase and rental use, making it a financially viable option for most organisations regardless of size.

Infection Prevention and Control in Nursing Homes

Car Home Infection Control

Photo by Elien Dumon via Unsplash

The Sterisafe is particularly useful for infection control in nursing homes. Infection control is perhaps more important than ever in these facilities, where lots of vulnerable people live in close quarters. However, it is also one of the most difficult types of building to disinfect as the rooms are occupied by long-term residents, not patients who will only be there for a brief period, or staff who will leave work at the end of the day. Fortunately, with Sterisafe Pro’s unobtrusive and fast process, infection control can be maintained without major disruption to any residents or staff, making the Sterisafe Pro one of, if not the best option for infection control in nursing homes.

Keeping Businesses Safe

While infection prevention and control in hospitals are one of the more significant applications of the Sterisafe Pro, it is capable of much more; it is just as suitable for business use. The Sterisafe Pro can be used to keep some of the most high-risk areas free from infection, such as creches, schools, universities, offices, restaurants, hotels, and even cruise liners.

Any sealed room, regardless of size, can be effectively neutralised of all known pathogens. The fast-acting decontamination process completes in minutes, causing the minimum of disruption to regular routines. With proper planning, an entire building can be decontaminated with little to no downtime.

Infection control using the Sterisafe Pro is less expensive compared to other methods, allowing you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are protecting your customers and staff, while also keeping the costs down.

Infection Control in the Food Industry

It’s an unfortunate reality that the risk of bacterial or viral infection starting in the food processing industry is a significant one. The consequences of such a development would be devastating for the company involved and, as COVID-19 has shown us, potentially devastating on a much wider scale. The Sterisafe Pro is just as functional in a food processing plant as it is in a hospital, drastically reducing the risk of any such incident occurring.

How the Sterisafe Pro Handles Infection Control

Using FDDC technology (Full-Depth Disinfection Cycle), the Sterisafe Pro disinfects the air and surfaces in a sealed room, removing all harmful pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and even superbugs. The process is entirely chemical-free. FDDC starts by building up a biocide gas called ozone, which the Sterisafe Pro generates in situ needing only water and electricity to do so. This gas is diffused into the room under the complete control of the automated system. The gas then proceeds to spread through the room, getting into even small areas like cracks, and corners. Once fully diffused throughout the room, the gas is actively removed and turned back to oxygen. During this process, the Sterisafe removes any particle pollution from the air. The system closely monitors all the parameters to ensure it is safe to re-enter the room after the process is complete. The thoroughness of this system allows for more comprehensive infection control than is possible with manual disinfection.

Hi-Tech Infection Control

When you factor in the extra expense, additional time, and reduced effectiveness of other methods, there is no compelling reason to not purchase or rent a Sterisafe Pro to handle your infection control needs in any healthcare setting, like nursing homes and hospitals. Feel free to contact O’Flynn Medical on 1890 440 440 or via email at info@oflynnmedical.com if you have any queries.