CURBELL Fall Management System

The Curbell fall management system has monitors and sensors makes it easy to achieve your fall reduction goals and minimise injuries. They are simple for staff to use and full of features to make their lives easier and your patients more comfortable.

Advanced Bed And Chair Monitor

A patient who moves around a lot may move off of the sensor pad for a few seconds, causing a false alarm. The Advanced Bed and Chair Monitor features a delay control that helps prevent false alarms when the patient momentarily moves off the sensor pad, and an easy access reset button. These monitors also allow connection to your nurse call system, a call cord for increased notification capabilities and AC power.

Bed And Chair Sensor Pads

To meet the needs of different patients and situations, including the care of elderly, Curbell’s chair and bed sensor pads are ideal and are available in a variety of sizes and styles.

Bed sensor pads provide more surface area for monitoring restless patients, thus reducing nuisance alarms.

Chair sensor pads allow for more immediate alarm notification if the patient shifts out of normal position.

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