Breast Pump Rental

From: 20.00 / week and a 85.00 first months rental. After the first month you will be charged From: 20.00 (week)

Rental Order: Ameda Elite Hospital Grade Breast Pump

• €85.00 for the first month
• €20.00 per week after that

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A Flange Kit must also be purchased. To purchase the Flange Kits with your order – click here

If you chose to collect the Breast Pump at your local selected pharmacy, you can purchase the flange kits there, otherwise if you purchase the flange kits from us, we will deliver it to your inputted shipping address.

A direct debit form will be sent to you to be filled out to pay for monthly rental after the first month.

Need to cancel your rental? – You can chose for it to be picked up by courier for a fee or you can drop it back to one of our pharmacy partners. Click to cancel here