Axifeed Bottles

The AXifeed bottle and cap range is the only comprehensive truly tamper-evident system, providing clear verification that feeds are safeguarded from accidental or deliberate contamination.

Our bottles support risk management procedures for milk bank and neonatal units. They have always only contained the very best materials which are ‘Bisphenol A’ and ‘Phthalate’ free. Whether used for delivering mothers own milk, donor milk or special feeds, the highest level protection is assured for new born, premature and sick babies.

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Features & Benefits

  • Not just sterilised but STERILE – gives you 100% security against infection
  • Truly tamper evident.  It can be clearly seen that the lid has not been removed and the bottle can be re-sealed for safety.
  • Manufactured from HDPE – suitable for freezing to -40c. No danger of cracking or splitting
  • AXifeed bottles have always been Bisphenol A and Phthalate free. This means that they are all fully compliant with EU Directive (2011/8/EU)
  • Manufactured, designed and sterilised in the UK
  • Clearly and accurately calibrated
  • Peace of mind for transporting feeds – colour coded tamper evident re-sealing caps available
  • All bottles are batch numbered and traceable for safety
  • Standard thread compatible with all collecting kits

Axifeed Range

  • Bottles Sizes available:  50ml, 100ml, 140ml, 200ml
  • Tamper evident Caps: 
    • White (Tamper evident band in place shows and guarantees bottle is ‘factory safe’ sterile)
    • Blue (Specially designed for resealing by human milk banks to easily identify donor breastmilk)
    • Yellow & Green (Both specially designed for SAFE and SECURE identification and transportation of breastmilk and special feeds)
  • Feeding Cups:   Developed following intensive research and feedback from neonatal professionals, the AXifeed sterile ready to use feeding cup is specially designed to provide a measured and controllable flow of milk.




Axi-Feed Bottle Range

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