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    Standing hoists are an ideal solution for anyone suffering from mobility issues as they enable the safe and efficient movement of the individual from one place to another. O’Flynn Medical has many standing hoists for sale in Ireland, suitable for healthcare settings, nursing homes, and private homes. Some of the benefits of standing hoists are: they facilitate movement to and from a particular location (e.g. bed, wheelchair, toilet), they help those with mobility issues to stand up and walk or to sit down, and in doing so they can increase dignity and confidence while performing these basic movements. Moreover, standing hoists lessen the labour required by caregivers, which makes it quicker and easier for individuals to move from one place to another safely. Buy standing hoists from O’Flynn Medical and get quality products at affordable prices. 

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  • Types of Standing Hoists

    There are many different types of standing hoist in Ireland. Some standing hoists are manually operated, some hydraulic, and some are electric hoists. Most come with some form of sling and/or other supports for the arms, for example. Manual hoists tend to require more effort from caregivers, whilst electric hoists tend to be more straightforward and require less effort to use.


    How to Choose the Right Standing Hoist in Ireland?

    Just as there are many types of standing hoist to choose from, there are many specific needs that should be considered when purchasing a standing hoist in Ireland. Consider the type of movement you wish to facilitate, where the hoist will be placed, its height, shape, and weight limitations/constraints, as well as the ease of use. Also consider whether the standing hoist should be manually operated or electric and ensure that the product is sold by a reputable supplier.


    Why You Should Buy Standing Hoists from O’Flynn Medical?

    O’Flynn Medical supplies homes, healthcare facilities, and nursing homes across Ireland with high-quality standing hoists and other hoist products designed with safety and comfort in mind. Our wide selection of standing hoists in Ireland are all built to be durable and functional, assisting individuals with a wide range of movements according to their specific needs. At O’Flynn Medical we offer fast & reliable nationwide delivery across Ireland. For further details, please contact our expert team.


    Other Hoist Products Offered by O’Flynn Medical

    O’Flynn Medical also carries a wide range of other hoist products, such as electric hoists, portable hoists, sit to stand hoists, ceiling hoists, and other transfer equipment. No matter whether you need to assist an individual standing up from a wheelchair, bed, toilet, or anywhere else in your home or your facility, our products are designed to deliver quality results.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Standing Hoists


    How do I choose a standing hoist?

    Some of the most important factors to consider for a standing hoist include its intended usage, the size and weight capacity of the hoist and sling, whether it is adjustable, and the range of movement/lifting that it can provide.


    Who needs a standing hoist?

    Generally, standing hoists are most commonly found in healthcare facilities and nursing homes and are predominantly used by individuals with impaired mobility, the elderly, or individuals recovering from injury.


    Can you use a standing hoist on your own?

    While it may be possible to use a standing hoist alone, it is not recommended for safety reasons. It is important to always operate the standing hoist with the assistance of a trained caregiver.


    Do you need training to use a standing hoist?

    Yes. It is important that any caregiver that intends to use a standing hoist undergo thorough training on the safe and proper usage of the hoist. This ensures that the product will be used safely with the individual.


    Are standing hoists worth it?

    Yes. In healthcare facilities and nursing homes, standing hoists are an invaluable investment that reduce the amount of physical labour required from caregivers whilst simultaneously improving the dignity, confidence, and safety of the individual using the hoist.


    Are standing hoists safe?

    Yes. Standing hoists are safe if they are used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and by a trained caregiver. Modern standing hoists are sometimes equipped with added safety features, such as brake locks, support straps, and emergency stop buttons.


    How does a standing hoist work?

    Standing hoists operate by facilitating the transfer of an individual from one location to another, usually where standing is required in the middle of the movement. For example, a standing hoist may be needed to transfer an individual from a wheelchair to a comfort chair.


    What is the best standing hoist for the elderly?

    The best standing hoist for elderly individuals largely depends on their specific needs. Consider the type of movement that the elderly person requires the most assistance with, what the hoist’s size and weight capacity is, and additional features that may be necessary or beneficial for your needs.