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    For many individuals in Ireland, sitting down on the toilet or standing up can be a challenge. Raised toilet seats are an ideal solution for elderly individuals or those with mobility issues, making it easy and safe to use the bathroom without the need for a caregiver to be present. Raised toilet seats in Ireland are ideal for people with balance problems or mobility issues, individuals recovering from surgery, and the elderly. Quite simply, they make the process of using the toilet easier by reducing the distance needed to stand/sit. Some provide handles or armrests, further bolstering stability and balance whilst on the toilet. Buy raised toilet seats from O’Flynn Medical and get quality products at affordable prices.

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  • Different Types of Raised Toilet Seats

    There are many different types of raised toilet seat in Ireland. Some are designed to act as frames which can be placed over the toilet, others are high toilets for elderly which raise the height of the toilet seat to a comfortable height. Some raised toilet seats have handles, some have arms and legs, still others have adjustable height levels.


    How to Choose the Right Raised Toilet Seat in Ireland

    There are many things to consider when shopping for a raised toilet seat in Ireland. Consider a suitable height for the product, the current height of your toilet seat, the weight capacity, materials, and whether additional support is required such as armrests or handles. For further support on choosing the right toilet seat, consult with us at O’Flynn Medical.


    Why You Should Buy Raised Toilet Seats from O’Flynn Medical

    O’Flynn Medical is a leading supplier of medical equipment and products in Ireland and we carry a wide selection of raised toilet seats and commode chairs that deliver great value and unparalleled safety and comfort. Browse the selection of raised toilet and high toilet seats in Ireland. At O’Flynn Medicals, we offer fast & reliable nationwide delivery across Ireland. Contact our team for any further queries regarding the products, delivery or services.


    Other Commode & Shower Chair Products Offered by O’Flynn Medical

    Using the bathroom should be a safe and private matter, and the various Commodes & Shower Chairs sold by O’Flynn Medical provide individuals with exactly that. Improve your safety, comfort, and stability in the bathroom and increase your confidence by using your bathroom alone and without the need for a caregiver to be present, all with the full peace of mind that our products are designed for safety. We also carry shower chairs, push-up frames, and many other bathroom products.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Raised Toilet Seats


    Are raised toilet seats safe for the elderly?

    Yes. Raised toilet seats are safe for the elderly, provided they offer the right features for your specific needs and that they are used properly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Raised toilet seats reduce the distance needed for sitting or standing, thereby making it easier for elderly individuals to use the toilet safely.


    Do raised toilet seats fit all toilets?

    No. Depending on the shape and height of your toilet, some raised toilet seats may be unsuitable. For this reason, it is important to always verify the dimensions of your desired high toilet seat or frame to ensure that it will adequately fit the toilet.


    What is the ideal toilet height for seniors?

    The ideal height of a toilet seat for seniors and elderly individuals is approximately 45-50cm. Although most standard toilet seats are significantly lower, a raised toilet seat can increase the sitting height to around this height.


    What should I look for in a raised toilet seat?

    Important factors to consider when purchasing a raised toilet seat include height, weight limit, materials, stability, and additional features to meet the needs of the user. For some elderly or injured users, armrests or handles may be required (or preferable).


    How much weight can a raised toilet seat hold?

    Generally, a raised toilet seat can support a maximum weight of around 225kg. Always check the individual product’s instruction manual as the maximum supported weight may vary from one product to another.


    What is the best raised toilet seat for elderly?

    For elderly individuals, the best raised toilet seat will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the individual to accommodate their needs. Generally, a high toilet seat for elderly individuals should be safe, comfortable, and the appropriate height.


    Are raised toilet seats worth it?

    Yes. High rise toilets and raised toilet seats provide safety, stability, support, and comfort for individuals with impaired mobility, recovering from surgery, as well as elderly individuals. For high-quality, affordable raised toilet seats in Ireland, shop online at O’Flynn Medical.