O’Flynn Medical specialises in the provision of work-wear distribution systems to hospitals and manufacturing industries.

ScrubEx is designed to control the distribution of hospital scrubs within a clinical environment and is an innovative system from O’Flynn Medical that is located in hospitals and other facilities, accessible to anyone with the correct authorisation.

Effectively ScrubEx is a scrub dispenser and returns system for use by those staff working in operating theatres and other areas of a hospital.


It is also popular for those working in the pharmaceutical industry and anyone employed in food processing and manufacturing facilities.

Essentially what the ScrubEx system does, is it gives rapid access to garments, using existing ID cards or similar, which can be essential to those in medical and other industries.

As a result there is minimal disruption to the already pressurised working day. Less than six seconds is all it takes for an authorised staff member to access their garments.

The machines themselves are quick and easy to fill. Overall they can reduce scrub suit or work wear replacement costs by up to 90%.

This is what makes the machine so ideally suited to hospitals along with the food manufacturing and processing industries.

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