The popularity of products like an electric breast pump has grown a lot among recent parents. As modern dads work harder to spend more time with their families and children while still in full-time employment, a lot of women are finding themselves being drawn back to work even though they have young children at home. Being a working mom is very difficult. However, it does not take away from the fact that the children still need attention, and during their young months, they need to feed on breast milk. For this reason, an electric breast pump is a must-have product for working moms as well as stay at home mums.

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Using an Electric Breast Pump

While breast pumps are a go-to product for mum’s all over the globe, they are not always easy to navigate. This means that it would take time and dedication to learn how to use the device. The primary key to navigating the process of learning how to use an electric breast pump is exercising patience. Below are some tips for using an electric breast pump;

1. Don’t Rush the Process

The biggest challenge that most mothers encounter during the first days of using the device is a low supply of milk. Many mothers experience a low milk supply during the first four weeks of having the baby. This fact makes it very frustrating when they start to pump immediately or soon after delivering. If you have a healthy baby and have no issues breastfeeding, you must take some time before beginning to pump.

However, if you need to be apart from your child, you can proceed to start pumping early. Some babies also face the challenge of not being able to feed directly from the breast, especially those with special needs. Premature babies will also not be able to feed normally. A proper diet, recommended by a physician, would be instrumental in helping you produce more milk.

2. Study Your Electric Breast Pump

There are several different pumping products in the market. Once you have decided which product suits you best, you need to get familiar with the product before you start using it. For instance, an electric breast pump features several settings and elements that you ought to get conversant with. Most of these products come with a manual that will guide you on how to use it. It is, therefore, imperative to go through the manual.

For instance, Ameda breast pumps come in a variety of designs, like a double breast pump and each variation of breast pump is used for different purposes and in different situations.

On the other hand, manual pumps are more comfortable to use, although they are more tasking compared to the latter. The products also come at different prices and are used in different ways. However, this particular brand offers a guide and expert directions on how to use each of their products. It manufactures manual pumps.

3. Sterilise the Device Before Use

Such problems include sore and cracked nipples, thrush, and other forms of breast infections. The best beast pumps, like Ameda, come with instructions for cleaning. One of the primary guidelines for cleaning is to disassemble the device and all the essential parts. You may also need to clean the critical components in boiling water to make sure that all the germs are killed. Some products can also be cleaned using soap and water. Others feature closed systems that increase hygiene safety.

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4. Time the Process

Breast pumping is a process that cannot be done in a matter of seconds or a couple of minutes. On average, the time required for pumping breasts is around fifteen minutes. The duration of pumping depends on the quantity of milk that you produce and the type of pumping product that you are using.

For instance, an electric breast pump is effortless in operation, and it can get the job done in about five to ten minutes. On the other hand, manual pumps take longer and require more work. Using a breast pump regularly helps to stimulate milk production. Using an electric breast pump means you end up spending less time pumping.

Before you embark on pumping, make sure that you have all the items that you need. For instance, you may need a snack, your phone to keep you occupied, a remote controller, bottles, and other storage items for the milk. Preparing beforehand helps to ensure that there are no interruptions in the middle of the pumping session.

5. Get Comfortable

It is also imperative to get into a relaxed position when using an electric breast pump. This is especially important when the session is extended. Being relaxed also helps you release a hormone known as oxytocin. This hormone helps to stimulate the let-down reflex. It is wise to choose a private and comfortable place with little or no distractions at all. Also, make sure that your arms and back are adequately supported as you use the electric breast pump. Some mothers even opt to listen to music and exercise deep-breathing techniques to foster more comfort.

Using a pumping bra always makes the process easier and more comfortable. However, if you are not using the bra, make sure that you hold the breast properly. You can do so by pressing the shield between the thumb and the index finger and using the palm and other fingers to support the breast. Make sure that you are holding the chest gently against the shield as pressing too hard could result in compression of the breast tissue and keep the milk from flowing smoothly.

The Difference Between an Electric and a Manual Breast Pump

While an electric breast pump and a manual pump are used for the same purpose, which is pumping breast milk, there is one main difference between the two. The main difference is that an electric breast pump requires less effort. Automatic breast pumps like Ameda electric breast pumps are completely automated, hence allowing you to pump more breast milk as compared to a manual one. Electric breast pumps also provide users with several settings that ensure more comfort and support.

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Final Word

There are many reasons why mothers use electric breast pumps. With the information provided in this guide, you should be able to use an electric breast pump safely and enjoy their full benefits.

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