The term Bariatric relates to those patients whose Body Mass Index (BMI) has exceeded the healthy range.

This is an increasing issue, particularly in the Western world where sedentary life styles and lack of exercise together with the prevelance of unhealthy fast food are contributory factors.

It is frightening to think that international studies suggest that over 300m of the World’s population are currently obese – and this is surely a train crash waiting to happen from a health perspective.

The fact that extremely overweight people can weigh anything from 136kgs to 450kgs plus would suggest that specialist equipment is often required to cater for the needs of these people so that they can manage their condition and that is both comfortable for the patient and easy for the nurse and carer to work with as appropriate.

At O’Flynn Medical we specialise in a range of Bariatric equipment designed with this in mind that includes a range of high specification beds with lots of features specifically designed to benefit the user, to heavy duty wheelchairs that offer the maximum in patient comfort and carer safety.

In addition to these, we also offer chairs, shower chairs and commodes specifically designed for bariatric patients.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if we can help you to know more about our bariatric equipment, and how this equipment can make the life of the bariatric patient and carer easier on a day to day basis.