UV Sterilization Machine

The UV Sterilization Machine is commonly used to destroy airborne micro-organisms. Ideally suited for a wide range of sectors, from education to hospitality, this UV Sterilizer has become very popular due to its efficacy and ease of use.

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Key Benefits:

  • Helps inactivate virusand kills bacteria left behind on surfaces and in the air after a clean
  • Provides reassurance to both employees and clients that a business is taking every step to protect their health while on their premises.

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UV sterilization equipment such as O’Flynn Medical’s Portable UV-C Sterile Clean Room Machine is an ideal choice for the destruction of airborne microorganisms in schools, hotels, hospitals and more. Through the use of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI), these UV sterilization units help employees get back to work safely and ensure the safety of students, patients and customers alike by sterilizing airborne contaminants and surface areas on the premises.

These mobile UV sterilization disinfection units are becoming more widespread in hospitals and in other applications due to an increased public awareness and sensitivity towards the transmission of germs, bacteria and viruses. They are also far more affordable than previous whole room UV sanitizer models, making them ideal for the hospitality industry, offices, labs and school classrooms as well – not just for medical settings.

The UV Sterilization unit is easy to operate and requires no training. Simply place the unit in the room, plug into a standard socket and leave the room. The unit will turn on automatically after two minutes and begin the sterilization cycle.

Complement your approach to maintaining a safe and infection-free space with preventative measures such as our Thermal Imaging Camera and Non-Contact Thermometer, and with UV sterilization machines after completing a deep clean of each room in your facility. Our Disposable Isolation Gowns also add an extra layer of protection for staff.

Features & Benefits

The Portable UV-C Sterile Clean Room Machine has the following features:

  • UV sterilization completely sterilizes viruses and bacteria on surfaces and in the air after the room has been cleaned;
  • No special training required;
  • Small 50cm footprint and 105cm height for ease of handling in tight rooms;
  • Durable aluminium sheet metal framing;
  • The high-output UV sterilization lamps are shatter-proof;
  • Easy-to-use Panasonic MF Timer Relay and On/Off switch;
  • Twin wheel 65mm castors to manoeuvre easily;
  • MUV-X can be stacked higher up on the unit to achieve UVC light penetration in every area of the room;
  • Locking clasps keep stacked units securely in place;
  • Requires 10-15 minutes to completely sterilize a room.
  • Works well in conjunction with Antivirus Film to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria on surfaces and to eradicate any traces after UV sterilization;
  • Suitable for use by hospitals, schools, hotels, nursing homes, general practitioners, dental practices, offices, hairdressers, gyms, operating theatres, and retail stores;
  • Flexible financing options available from O’Flynn Medical, a trusted supplier of clean room equipment and sterilization equipment.

The device’s exposure timing varies depending on the UV dose and the UV light intensity at a specified distance.

For example, inactivation of MRSA, C.diff spores, and VRE requires an intensity of 12,100μW-sec/cm². The UV light intensity at 3m is 24. Thus, the exposure time is 504 seconds, or approximately 8.5 minutes. Please consult the manual for more detailed information on exposure timing.


  1. How long does UV Sterilization take?

UV sterilization depends on many factors, such as where the light is located, the distance from surfaces and surrounding air, and duration. Assuming the unit is placed at an adequate height and with sufficient reach around the room, studies found that 20-25 minutes of exposure is adequate, with 30 minutes being ideal.

  1. Do hospitals use UV light to sterilize?

Many hospitals in Canada and the United States already use UV light (UV-C, to be specific) to sterilize rooms to great effect. They are being more widely used today due to increased healthcare acquired infections (HAIs) being a significant cause of death in healthcare facilities, as well as to ensure that patients and staff minimise the risk of transmitting viruses and bacteria whenever a bed is rotated for another patient.

  1. Is UV safe?

It’s long been known that UV-C is effective against viruses and bacteria, but research on low doses of far UV-C (far-UVC) can achieve the same effect without negatively affecting human tissue. Although the UV light from UV sterilization is safe, the room should still be empty due to prolonged exposure.

  1. What is a UV-C air purifier?

UV-C air purifiers are either standalone devices or part of an existing commercial or residential air purification HVAC system which inactivate microorganisms and airborne pathogens through the use of UV-C light. By emitting UV light at air intakes, bacteria and viruses have their DNA damaged and thus do not survive as air enters the room.

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“The Muv-X UV steriliser has been a godsend in keeping us safe. The steriliser gives reassurance to both staff and patients with the added layer of airborne and bacterial sterilisation protection and not just in the era of Covid-19 but adds to that gold stamp of approval in clinical hygiene” Josephine Redmond, Managing Director, Specialist Screening Healthcare Ireland, Beacon & Blackrock Clinic, Dublin