Umano Medical ook snow Medical & Surgical Bed

Medical & surgery bed with scale and integrated bed exit system

The ook snow Med Surg bed offers best in class low height without compromising important features such as lift and over-bed-table compatibility, one-step Trendelenburg and braking.

Designed to maximize infection control and reduce falls, the improves patients’ well-being thanks toIts fully featured design, built-in safety characteristics and ease of use.

  • 5” under bed clearance for lift and over-bed table compatibility even at 10” lowest height
  • Open architecture for ease of cleaning and simple installation of mattress
  • Boostless™ backrest system prevents patient from sliding down during bed activation and minimises patient repositioning
  • Integrated bed extender to maximise staff efficiency and improve patient comfort

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Why Umano?

Umano Medical beds offer many options to healthcare professionals and can be adapted to meet the requirements of any demanding hospital environment. Our ergonomic designs give patients more autonomy and maximize their safety.

Features & Benefits

  • 10” Low height that reduces the adverse effect of a fall without compromising other important characteristics
  • USB Power Outlets allowing for mobile device charging
  • Fall Risk Management ensuring the right combination of low height, Smart Bed Exit Technology and ergonomic siderail design
  • Bed Control Lock prevents unintended bed movement activation.
  • Environment Settings Control through integrated siderail controls
  • Footboard Control Panel providing advanced caregiver controls with Smart Screen Communication
  • User-Friendly Cleaning Architecture providing seamless smooth surfaces of an open bed architecture ease infection control
  • Efficient Built-in Scale provides accurate weight at any bed position
  • 3-Step Bed Extender allows for increased patient comfort and care giver efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Overall Length (with bumper) 224cm

  • Extended length 234-249cm

Overall Width

  • Siderails down 100 cm
  • Siderails up 102.9cm

Weight Capacity 272.5 kg

Patient Surface Positioning

  • Backrest Angle 60°
  • Knee Gatch 0° to 30°
  • Trend. / Reverse Trend +/-16°
  • Boostless™ 10.2cm

Patient Surface Dimensions

  • 88.9cm x 203.2cm or 213.4cm

Bed Weight 170 to 199kg



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