Thermal Imaging Camera copy

  • Contact less & continuous temperature screening
  • Can screen up to six people at once
  • Can link up with multiple cameras to one control system within network
  • Video can display standard view or thermal view
  • Ability to alarm if a person isn’t wearing a mask
  • Alarms for high temperature
  • Can record video in 1080p


Available for purchase

The Dual light thermal imaging camera offers a temperature screening system through temperature reading of people of simply walk past the camera. Offering two viewing styles and multiple alarm features that will both detect high temperatures and masks, this dual light thermal imaging camera will ensure that you can monitor temperatures of people coming into or leaving your facility.

Features & Benefits

  • No probe covers required resulting in significant annual savings
  • No contact with resident’s skin which reduces the risk of cross-contamination
  • Ideal for sleeping or combative residents
  • Ideal for F-Tag 257 compliance (comfortable & safe temperature levels)
  • Instant readings visible on a large, 2 color backlit LCD
  • Visual/audible alarm if temperature reading exceeds 100.4°F
  • Performs up to 100,000 readings
  • Stores last 32 readings for easy recall
  • Automatic power off (30 seconds)
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Self calibrates which eliminates the need to service periodically
  • Infrared sensor accurately reads temperature 1.2”- 2” (3 – 5cm) from centre of forehead
  • Obtain readings with little to no patient involvement


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