Surgical Gowns

  • A surgical gown is worn by operating room personnel during surgical procedures to protect both the patient and the operating room staff from the transfer of micro-organisms, body fluids and particulate material.
  • It is for a single use to minimize the risk of cross-infection.

Available in Blue Color

Features & Benefits

The reinforced surgical gowns are in compliance with EN 13795

  • Sleeves are sealed ultrasonically
  • With knitted cuff and Velcro tape in the neck
  • Supplied with 2 highly absorbent hand towels 40 * 30 cm
  • Poly-Reinforced in front & Sleeves
  • Each gown is wrapped individually
  • Made of 35 gm 5 Layers (SSMMS)
  • Fluid repellent, Antistatic treated.
  • Breathable