Sale & Rental of Medical Equipment Ireland
Sale & Rental of Medical Equipment Ireland

Stryker Sofcare Low Risk Mattress

The Sofcare mattress is available as an overlay or full replacement mattress. This mattress both prevents pressure sores but also assists in the treatment of pressure sores. It is a very effective mattress at a fraction of the cost yet retains all of those great Stryker features including:

  • No minimum weight
  • Constant low pressure – The max pressure in the mattress is 32mmHg
  • Immersion – Greater number of contact points
  • Adjustable pressure

Some additional details….

Designed with three layers: Redistributes the patient’s weight evenly over the cushion surface and effectively reduces tissue interface pressure below the level of capillary closure

Composed of more than 300 interlocking, inflated cells: Air distributes itself according to patient’s movement. The patient floats above the air, like a boat in water…

SofCare can be used with or without a “companion” pump: The Pump is easy to use and automatically maintains the correct pressure, so cushion never needs manual inflation or re-inflation.

Conveniently positioned pull tab check valve: Valve permits rapid deflation if CPR is necessary.

Maximum capacity of at least 260 kilos: SofCare can handle a wide variety of patients.

Deflated SofCare weighs only 2.5 kilos: Light enough to be transported easily.

Totally flat when deflated: Easy to clean.


Download Sofcare (PDF)

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