Sofcare Low Risk Mattress

The Stryker Sofcare mattress is available as an overlay or full replacement mattress.

It is a pressure management system with 3-layer air-channelling technology which creates interlocking air cells to immerse and envelop the patient providing low tissue interface pressure. This mattress both prevents pressure sores but also assists in the treatment of pressure sores. A very effective mattress at an affordable cost.

Available for rental or purchase
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Features and Benefits

  • Constant low pressure – The max pressure in the mattress is 32mmHg
  • Designed with three layers: Redistributes the patients weight evenly over the mattress surface and effectively reduces tissue interface pressure below the level of capillary closure
  • Composed of more than 300 interlocking, inflated cells: Air distributes itself according to patients movement
  • SofCare can be used with or without a “companion” pump: This Pump is easy to use and automatically maintains the correct pressure, so mattress never needs manual inflation or re-inflation
  • Maximum capacity of 40 stone with no minimum weight
  • Totally flat when deflated and easy to clean
  • Full replacement or overlay mattress available
  • Manual inflator or companion pump available

Technical Specifications


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