Serene True Air Loss Pressure Reducing Mattress

The Apex Serene is a modern and innovative True Low Air Loss mattress system designed for use in both the Acute and Community sectors, offering pressure reduction for patients who are better suited to this type of therapy.

The Serene can also help with Micro Climate Management by helping to increase the Moisture

Vapour Transmission Rate with its low air loss technology as the pump provides 120 litres/minute of air flow from the mattress.

The Serene Low Air Loss mattress replacement system provides immersion and envelopment therapy for the patients, which will help to reduce the pressure on the patients body across its whole surface area.

The Serene mattress also comes with an innovative cell on cell design offering support to the patient during power failure or transport.

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Features and Benefits

  • Weight Setting: The weight setting function on the Serene has been designed to be as simple to use and intuitive for the caregiver as possible

  • Max Firm Mode: Hyper inflates the cells providing a firm surface for moving, handling and nursing procedures

  • Two Way Zip: The top mattress cover comes with a Two Way Zip which reduces the risk of ingress of unwanted fluids. Removable cover for laundering and replacing

  • Low Pressure Alarm: Alerts the caregiver if there is a loss of air pressure in the mattress.

  • Power Failure Alarm: Notifies the caregiver when there is a loss of power

  • Fault Alarm Code Indicator: If the mattress does suffer a technical malfunction an audible alarm will sound and a fault code will be displayed to alert the user to the exact fault

  • Service Fault Indicator: Alerts the caregiver when the mattress needs to be repaired

  • Lock Out: The pump automatically locks the control panel after five minutes to help prevent the changing of settings inappropriately

  • Seat Inflate Mode: When a patient is in the upright position, the seat inflate mode increases the pressure throughout the mattress in order to better support the sacral area

  • Designated Heel Zone: The Serene has a heel zone section to help increase immersion and redistribution of pressure around the heel area

  • Cable Management: The left hand side of the mattress has a cable management system, allowing the power cable to be stored off the floor during operation

  • True Low Air Loss: continuous Low Air Loss enables the patient to fully immerse into the mattress

  • Cell on Cell Design: The cell on cell design offers the patient higher levels of support and comfort throughout the therapeutic pressure relieving cycle. Facilitates patient transfer.

  • Battery back-up

Technical Specifications

Mattress Dimensions: 200 x 90 x 20.3cm

Mattress Weight: 7.5kg

Max Patient Weight: 200kg

Pump Size: 31.2 x 26 x 16cm

Pump Weight: 5kg

Cycle Time: 10 Minutes

Mattress Cover

  • Crib 5 fire retardant

  • 360 degree zip

  • Vapour permeable

  • Fungistatic and antimicrobial properties

  • Water resistance and silver-ion treated

  • Two way stretch

  • Machine washable up to 950


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