Hospital Bed ICON

ICON and ICON-Low hospital bed’s combine high quality construction, stylish design features and best-in-class functionality with competitive pricing to offer the ultimate affordable profiling bed.

As well as an adjustable back rest, leg-lift & overall bed height adjustment, the ICON’s ‘end-lift’ design allows it to tilt & reverse tilt (Trendelenburg), enabling a range of therapies and care procedures. Using a combination of these functions, the ICON can also be placed in a comfortable chair position for activities such as watching television or interacting with visitors, improving independence & comfort for the user.

Offering great value for money, ICON hospital beds blend high quality construction and excellent functionality to offer a robust and practical profiling bed that will last well, making it the ideal solution for numerous environments including home care, nursing homes and for export.

The ICON range also incorporates ICON-Low, which lowers to 20 cm from the floor, enabling even easier transfer from a wheelchair to the bed, whilst simultaneously lessening the risk of injury from falls.

Both ICON & ICON-Low are available with/without integral timber side-rails, as well as optional Esteem (enclosed) timber head/foot boards (as shown in the main image above), offering the flexibility to suit any need. See our full range of Hospital Beds, Air Mattresses & Cushions. 

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Features & Benefits

  • 4 braked castors (twin-wheel castors on ICON-Low).
  • Mains electricity safety connector.
  • Actuators & controllers ingress protected to IP 54.
  • Auto-profile & Function-lock control as standard.
  • Securely fixed spiral wound cables.
  • Safe working load 210kg (33 stones), accommodating a greater proportion of users. **
  • Clearance for most hoists and cleaning equipment
  • CE marked to current EU standards.
  • Conforms to BS EN 60601-2-52 standard
  • End-lift, 4-section adjustable.
  • Electrically adjusted height from nominal 40cm to 80cm (ICON) / 20cm to 60cm (ICON-Low)
  • Attractive timber plate head/foot boards plus easy-to-fit Esteem surrounds (optional)
  • Full-length timber or steel side-rails available.
  • Auto-regression (“floating back-rest”) available.
  • 20cm extension available
  • Hand control features function lock, tilt/anti-tilt and auto-profile (back-rest and knee-break can profile simultaneously to prevent sliding during profiling)
  • Linak electronics & control system.

Technical Specifications


Icon Bed Brochure

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